Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 728th Sabbat...umm...somethings...


So, as readers of this blog, you will be aware that I have a renegade IG army. Its generally fielded with the IG codex, or sometimes (like this coming Saturday) the Forgeworld Vraks militia list via the updated PDF. Like many of the units that have come and gone, the name of my little band of evil IG has also had several names in rotation with the '728th Sabbat Irregulars' being the current one.

Originally they were Nurgle's Regiments of Rust, then the Sons of Sek (blame Dan Abnett for that one) Then I decided that I hated the name Sek 'He who's voice drowns out all others...' (its in Traitor General, just go read it). I've also toyed with Henry Zou's creation, 'The Ironclad'. Then in one of my back & forth pregame narrative conversations/commentaries vs. my friend Joel I needed a new name, saw a '728' decal on a lasgun on the back of my old hellhound, and pulled '728th Sabbat Irregulars' out of thin air. That's it. No fluff, No background. Just a random idea that stuck. A few times I've been pressed as to where the name came from, to which I've responded 'I'll bet that if YOU were a follower of Nurgle, you'd be 'irregular' too...'

No one has ever asked any further.

BUT, while I like the '728th Sabbat' part, the 'Irregulars' not so much.

Since the inclusion of all of my lascannon teams, it's started to give me the feel of a field artillery unit. Of course that doesn't work either as lascannons are direct fire, anti-tank guns (quad-mounted heavy stubbers hardly qualify as artillery either). So with lots of static guns, how bout the:

728th Sabbat Siege company
728th Sabbat anti-tank detachment
728th Sabbat tank hunters
728th Sabbat Fire support battery

Of course to through that all off course, there are a pair of Hellhounds (swapping one to the infamous 'Septic Tank' [Bane Wolf] when running as standard IG), a Sentinel & a House Cawdor 'worker's rabble' to throw those ideas a curve.

So...I dunno. For now they're the Irregulars I guess. Of course to have the forces of Chaos suffer from an identiy crises is kind of amusing considering that they're all traitors to begin with.


Anonymous said...

728th Sabbat Victims
728th Sabbat Fething Fethers
728th Sabbat Warp Scum
728th Sabbat Grox Fethers
728th Sabbat Clown Shoes

-BS :P

Da Masta Cheef said...

Warp Scum? You must be mistaken, this army isn't based in Morristown, Tennessee...

sonsoftaurus said...

728th Sabbat Persecutors "The Roadblock"

728th Sabbat Numerators "The Tallymen"

728th Sabbat Legion "Invictus"

728th Sabbat Irregulars "The Dissolute"

Da Masta Cheef said...

728th Sabbat Legion, hmmmm like the sound of that one.