Monday, October 4, 2010

A few square basers...


Well, in gearing up to give 5th ed WHFB a try, I decided to paint some of the Orcs that I couldn't sell on ebay. I do have a cool looking Gamesday Orc warboss (which I painted a long time ago and was also was unable to sell) that I want to use, however no self respecting Orc Warboss leads an almost fully painted Goblin army with out any painted Orcs at his side! Currently though I have just four painted boys, a rather paltry sum.

Warboss 'Spork' (cuz eez' not as sharp as da uvver bosses) and his command group.

Being the only Orc regiment in the army, they've declared themselves to be 'Big uns'. Big un's can have magic standard which explains the 'kaptured' Khorne standard (which appropriately enough will represent the Banner of Butchery). The standard bearer is an AoBR ork, with an Arrer boy head (I think) and a Bloodletter standard. The two unpainted Orcs in back are the online only Orc raiders (the regiment is named the 'Orcland Raiders'). The one on the left with the halberd will be the unit champion, that the one with the pig will be the musician as nothing gets an Orc's attention like a squealing pig...

FOOD! I meant that they'd be thinking of food! Don't even go there!

The rest of the unit is made of these kind of boys. These are basically the WHFB version of the AoBR Orks. However they were cheap to buy, and rank up easier than the multi-part models. I've added a few glyphs to some of their shields just for variety. Currently, with the Warboss I have 16 Orcs. To get the full three ranks after lining up 5-across, I'll need to get another box of four.

That's it from the weekend, not much, though it was a nice change of pace after painting all of those weapons teams.

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