Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Paint box


So, I was listening to the latest Independent Characters podcast today while at work and they were discussing making room for 'hobby time' in between the rest of life (there was also a mention of b.smoove on there as well). They suggested painting on lunch break at work or something like that and Geoff asked how would you transport your newly painted minis home, and to myself I said 'duh, with a paint box'. It then occurred to me that most people have a paint table, not a box.

I have a perfectly good, old drawing table for hobbies however as a large horizontal surface, it is as usual covered with stuff (most of which hasn't moved in so long, digging through it would be like an exercise in archeology). Anyways, after spotting the box in a craft store with Mom several years back, I said I'd like it for Christmas, and indeed it was under the tree . (note: Mom has never liked gaming, so its a bit ironic that one of the most valued items in terms of contributing to it was purchased by her)

Anyways, here it is:

Anyways, its nothing fancy, probably cost $20ish. I added some foam into the slots to hold minis in place during transport. I keep the glue in a separate compartment for the occasions when it leaks, the foam absorbs it, saving everything else. There's plenty of room for paints, brushes & tools. Decal sheets and even some sprues will fit behind the removable paint pallet (which now has an unbelievable amount of gunk painted/glued onto it).

This is what I used last week when I went to stay at my grandparents, indeed it goes to Grandma's every week. I've also used it when we used to have paint nights at game shops, friends' houses, brought along for touch ups/repairs @ the hotel the night before Gamesday, or just at home. I would imagine this would work well for college kids who live in dorms (or live in studio apartments like I used to) and are pressed for space.


Anonymous said...

Like it.

b.smoove said...

No kidding? a mention from IC. How tremendously cool.

Also, I have paint box envy. Great idea. I particularly like that you have a little compartment for the palette as well. Really cool.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah there was a guy that's involved with running adepticon on there and he mentioned going to meet you to play killzone the following day.

As for the box, yeah the pallet slides out, there are slotted brackets (for lack of a better term) that angle out to put it in/take it out.

slipwing said...

Nice paint box. On a few occasions, I have painted minis during my lunch hour. I just use a plastic tackle box that has fold out trays to transport everything. I use a pistol case to transport bigger minis and it fits in my bag so I am not seen carrying a pistol case around. It tends to make people nervous.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ Slipwing: lol, I used to know a guy in FL that used a rifle case to hold his minis (back then there weren't many options beyond a Chessex case) & he didn't have a car. He was regularly clearing bus stops, only to have the bus pass that top, and getting stopped by police. So yeah, putting the pistol case in a bag would be a good thing, you don't want your coworkers thinking you're going 'Postal'.

@all: thanks!

The Independent Characters said...

I really like the paintbox idea. Thanks - I happen to have a paint table as opposed to a box. But I think I will now keep my eye out for something that will work just like that!

Thanks - and thanks for the mention.