Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hmmm, what shall be next week's project....


Not a whole lot has happened hobby wise since my last post (you can translate that as: nothing). I made a weekend run to Florida for a family get together, so getting everything organized for that more or less ate up most of my evenings last week.

...and speaking of going away...

Next weekend my Dad & Stepmother (and their 2 dogs, which equals out to 4 total) will be down for their annual visit. They stay at Grandma's house as there is more room, however its about an hour drive, so I stay there for the week as well (and that translates to: no blog posts next week as I won't have computer access). We usually make day trips, however at night, there's little to do aside from watching TV. I personally have little use for TV (especially when its satellite meaning we all have to watch the same thing) so instead I just turn on the iPod and paint minis. Since I'm denied my usual distractions as well as virtually all of my other models, I bring a painting 'project' which is something that's usually pretty low on my 'to do' list.

I've been wanting to paint my Renegade IG, as I now finally have all the parts necessary to assemble a second lascannon squad, as well as work on the 2nd Sabre platform that I got for my birthday. However I'm out of primer, and am not making a 40+ mile round trip out of my way to go to the FLGS just for a can of primer (besides being at the top of my 'to do' list, they really don't qualify). So looking at the bottom of the list I came up with the following:

WHFB Orcs (couln't sell them on ebay, so I'm stuck with them)
Chaos Marines (the Havocs most likely) & Rhino
Dark Hands Landraider
City Fight Buildings
Aurora Scouts & Command Squad

The buildings are probably out as they require a rather large footprint, and my cousin & her family (including 2 little ones) will also be in town the end of the week, meaning Ma's house will be an absolute zoo! So I dunno, I'm kinda leaning towards the Orcs, Aurora or Land Raider, but I'm usually pretty indecisive in regards to this sort of thing, so I may not know till I have to load up my truck on Sunday.

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