Monday, September 6, 2010

Aurora Scouts


Well it seems doubtful that I'll be able to make the Chattanooga Classic. The tourney itself is not the issue rather the 2 nights of hotel, food & gas. My two friends that are going are trying to wrangle it into the cheapest way possible (as they're also broke), but that would mean one of us riding in the back seat of a Nissan Frontier for 4 hours each way (and everyone knows that those seats aren't functional for anyone above the age of 12). That's a by product of Tennessee I suppose, we all drive trucks. Three will fit into the cab of my Ram, though whomever gets stuck in the middle seat will have no armrests, legroom & spend the trip staring at themselves in the rear view mirror.

So, not needing to meet a deadline I didn't feel like painting another DeffKopta this weekend, instead opting for some Aurora scouts. I had noticed when building some kill teams, that I didn't have enough scouts assembled to even consider them even if I used Telion (not sure if Sp. Char. are allowed in Kill Team). Anyways, so the first half of the squad is done (with the 2nd half planned for some time in the distant future).

The red guy is a Techmarine aspirant.

These are kinda tedious to paint, but I like them. I started some base coats on a sniper squad, but didn't get far.

As for the kill teams, my victories were all but complete save for a single tie (with the tie being by far the best round). My opponent's dice were abysmal all evening. Whether it was an IG vet in cover with a camo-cloak, or a Space Wolf in power Armor, he couldn't seem to roll higher than a 2 to save. Steam rollering your opponent when their dice fair (even after multiple die swaps) isn't too much fun though. We did make the best of it. I can see how horde armies can easily break that scenario, perhaps that was part of Big Jim's killzone idea.


Screech said...

Why you like the Auroras: THEY'RE GREEN!

From now on, you are no longer allowed to give me crap for painting all of my stuff grey, as most of your stuff is green.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Lol! The renegade IG are brown, CSMs are brown/bone, the..umm..well that should be enough to dispel that.


Screech said...


Okay, let me rephrase. Every army is either brown or green...or both.

If I ever get the Thousand Sons painted, they will be my break in the cycle...until I get Grey Knights. :P

Da Masta Cheef said...

Grey Knights? I'll believe that when i see it. Although, their color of burnished metal is basically grey, just kinda sparkly....