Friday, December 3, 2010

FLGS Rhino is finished!

(with 6 SW armies locally, it was easy to decide on who's helmet to put on that spike)


Well its all done and I hope they like it. Its not the best of paint jobs, but I can see now why I like dirty tanks so much: its easy to hide mistakes under grime. Shining gold is a difficult color to get a consistently opaque coverage of, and after endless touch ups to try and correct that I had to just give up and move on (which is also why I prefer to use opaque colors). Overall its not bad, but not the greatest either. I did dirty it up a bit near the treads at least, but over all its still a 'clean & pretty tank'. That sounds like an oxymoron to me, but I suppose that's all just a matter of personal aesthetic preference.

I'm still not pleased with the Nurgle icon on the front either (made even worse given that the CSM battle force comes with Khorne Berserkers), but couldn't think of a sufficient alternative to fit into that spot. The fact that Nurgle armies are often associated with the color green didn't help on a black and gold tank either. After various shades, I ended up using scaly green. However, as stated previously the emblem does cover the hole in the front glacis nicely. I asked the guy who built it why a gargoyle bit was needlessly stuck on there with all of the other excessive amounts of accessories, and his response was (quote) 'I figured that whomever painted this would be pissed.' Indeed. It seems to me a counter a productive train of thought for something that was donated to the family business, but in the end its not mine so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Aside from that I've started work on the Exodites, but that's a totally unrelated concept which I'll leave for my next post (that one being #100!).

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