Thursday, December 30, 2010

In the bathroom Part 2


...and now for the exciting conclusion of my off topic train...

Left: Bob admiring Mom's expert cutting job.
Middle: The finished shampoo shelf.
Left: The faucet.

Ah yes, the faucet...remember when I said we hit a snag yesterday? Well, the faucet was it. Tile was done, grout drying, shower head & knobs attached, all was going well. Then Mom put the faucet up to the pipe and 'clink', the faucet met the tile before it connected with the pipe internally. You would think that getting an extension for the pipe, a coupling or something would be a simple job. Indeed, you would think that....we thought that...and in the end while we were able to do that after countless trips/purchases & returns to Lowe's (and their guy in the plumbing dept. going above & beyond to help us out) over the course of approximately five hours, we did get it to work. All that work, and a mere $5-$10 in parts ground everything to a halt.


Victory was had in the end though, and I must say that to be 6'6" tall, and not have to bend over at all to wash my hair is a truly wonderful thing! Below are the before & after photos.
Quite a difference & one hellova improvement!

So that's it for the remodel for now, still need to paint the walls but that can wait a bit. I'll relax on my New Years, and would like to ask that everyone root for UCF in the Liberty Bowl tomorrow! Also, below is a pic of my 'weekend project' which will also be my guinea pig for testing out the new light tent that I got for Christmas.

Happy new Years everyone! Be safe (and if you're not driving, drink heavily)!


Papa JJ said...

Well done to you and the team on the remodeling, that is a tremendous difference from the before and after. Congrats! Your weekend project mini looks awesome, can't wait to see how it looks with the new photo setup.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks! Indeed, the shower is an incredible improvement, and all in the course of a week. Best Christmas present I've gotten in years!

Yeah I've been drooling over that griffin mini ever since it was first shown, and the Autarch was just the excuse I needed to pick one up.