Monday, June 13, 2011

The Aurora revamp continues


Here's my landraider after door replacement & a reprime of Testor's desert tan (which is essentially the same as bleached bone). It generally takes 2-3 coats of snot green to cover the bone evenly, but that's ok as it brightens the green considerably when that is underneath. I have the searchlight, stormbolter & radar bits still separate. I'm not sure which will be added, but it'll be easier to add them as needed/wanted after painting. The Aurora's 'snap-tite' razorback is also on the list for a repriming. Not sure though, but I may leave its interior in the drab green that it is now.

Also at left is my WIP Librarian. I haven't fielded a Librarian since I had my old Iron Hands army, mainly as I don't like any of the available minis. So instead I ordered just a single Grey Knight (the first GK that I've ever bought) via ebay. I then swapped out the head, chest plate, left hand and shoulders from spare SM bits, and ta dah! Instant Librarian! I kept the GK stormbolter as its only 3 points, and my main want for a libby is the psychic hood. So I figure his powers will be primarily defensive and/or close combat oriented. The purple trim on the shoulders are for the Aurora's 6th reserve company (i.e. all of the former & in line to be painted Dark Hands' tac. squads).

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