Monday, July 25, 2011

The Summer Doldrums


Notta whole lot has been going on hobby-wise for the past week or so. I played a game of Space Hulk, not much else though. With me at the helm, the Blood Angels lost 10 termies in said hulk, though the Sgt. with the thunder hammer & storm shield personally accounted for a dozen or more genestealers, and the last termie standing died in a very cinematic blaze of glory. It was quite a fun little game.

On the painting front, I base coated another pair of Alpha legion marines, and finished the icon bearer (guy on the right). When i had started painting these guys, it was before I had started using washes again (see guy on the left). However they've kinda struck me as looking too bright & cartoony, especially when on the table with my Blood Eagles & Purge chaos marines.

So I hit the icon bearer with a wash in Delvan mud before adding the bleached bone dry brush layer. Followed them by some snot green touch ups & dry brushing, and the result is a more dark & sinister look, which I find to be quite pleasing. So I'll have to go back & add the wash & additional dry brushing to the already finished Alpha Legionnaires, including Arkos the Faithless. Not too much effort required to do that, so I'll try & at least get that much accomplished for this week.

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