Friday, June 8, 2012

Just a quick update to close out this week.


Not a whole lot has happened on the hobby front this week, blame the nice weather outside I guess (its been like early spring in June which is a rare treat).

Tuesday my Skaven warband, the Clockwork Forage crawled from the sewers of Mordheim to put the smack down on Screech's Rieklanders. Even better, unlike most of my wins in which I invariably end up with several permanent casualties that need replacing, only one (not so) giant rat died. I didn't bother to replace it (gotta feed the troops ya know) meaning I'm now less than 30gc away from adding the rat ogre to my roster.


This is the entirety of my painted Stirlanders.

On the Stirland front, I got fed up with not having any scorched brown for my bases so that I can 'finish' my minis. So I just said screw it & painted them goblin green. I originally picked scorched brown as that was the color I used on my Skaven warband's bases. However unlike the rats, the Stirlanders don't live under ground. I repainted the rims on those minis that were already flocked, and when ranked up all together & in a movement tray, I doubt the difference in color under the flock will be noticeable much (if at all).

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