Thursday, November 8, 2012

Amber Wizard & stuff


I managed to get my Amber wizard all painted up and to be honest I'm rather pleased with the result! Take a look:

I should have used a different color background...

Ya gotta love washes, they add in so much otherwise impossible added depth (for my painting skills) to a mini. A light dry brushing over that to add a touch of grime, then a few touch ups/highlights, flock, clear & 'ard coats & it was done! All told (including letting the wash dry) it took maybe 2-3 hours. Currently he lives on the shelf, as his army is living in a drawer.

On the 40k front, First off, my much maligned Aurora Snipers are boxed up, and ready to go. This afternoon they'll begin their long journey of exile to their new home in Sweden! Looking up the address on googlemaps, there's plenty of icy waters for them to be drowned in should they fail their new master as well (and perhaps that'll give them a bit more incentive...).

Also, I finally got the new CSM codex & will give them a try this evening vs. Hive Angel's headless Blood Angels. It'll probably be my last game of anything till after Thanksgiving as my Dad is coming in for a visit this weekend. Then next week I'll be prepping the bathroom to re-tile it as well as replacing the vanity. Mom will be in next weekend and stay thru till just before turkey day to do that (Mom & my late Stepfather both used to be tile contractors).  So thing's will be kinda busy these next few weeks. I'll try to get some painting in where possible, but if my content gets a little light for a little bit, you now know why.


Anonymous said...

The wizard reminds me of a hard core Philadelphia Eagles fan ....


neverness said...

You're making me feel guilty about neglecting my fantasy armies. Actually, you make me feel guilty about being behind on painting in general! LOL

Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I'm not much of a fantasy player, but I have to say I really dig that wizard. Nice work!

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Kushial: LOL!

@Neverness: You ARE guilty of neglecting your armies!

@ Mordian: Thank you sir!