Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Return of the Greater Good...sorta.


As I said a week or two back, I found half a crisis suit in my bitz box, and so I ordered the other half and painted it up last weekend. Here it is:

What's that? Looks like a plant, not a threat...

This will be my commander for my little Tau allied contingent. They'll fight alongside the Storm Wardens and Exodites. I've named him Commander Cold Shadow after a Tau story in the Best of Hammer and Bolter volume 1. In that story (written like a memoir) he used a modified stealth suit however that's not an option in the rulebook (it was a mission specific modification anyways).  It was a really good story and conveniently I read it about the time I found the suit bitz.

In truth, aside from a Gotrex & Felix  story towards the beginning (I never liked those) and 2-3 recycled stories (also towards the beginning) its actually one of the better story compilation books GW has produced. I've really enjoyed the majority of them, whereas usually its only half or so.

I have a half painted Devilfish, however I think I'm going to just get a Hammerhead turret sprue to upgrade it. Then all I'll need is a half dozen or so Fire Warriors, and it'll be a nice little contingent.  Being a lone commander, there's not much I can expect out of him, so I figured the twin-linked missile pod was the way to go.  No need to close with the enemy. The shield generator is for some survivability and the lens thingamabob on his other arm can stand in for a black sun filter and/or targeting array.

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