Monday, April 15, 2013

...and for today's random assortment...


Just have some various, unrelated odds and ends for this morning. First up, I finished painting my Stirland army's mascot, the mounted mockery of Elector Stoutfart! It was a really fun mini to paint, though at times a little tedious as paint tends to easily wear off of some of the detailed bits as I was holding it during painting. All in all though I think its a great addition to the army.

Not sure if I'll use him as a character, or just a unit champion.

Next up, I painted two more Mechs for my company of the Legion of the Rising Sun. The Dragon (right mech) is silhouetted on the legion's logo, so that will be my company commander's mech.  The Cicada on the left is one of my favorites, as its so friggin fast! In a stand up fight, its dead meat vs. just about anything. Instead it spends the game running around at high speed while sniping at enemy units, and often threatening to get into the enemy backfield.

Nothing fancy, but far better than bare metal.

There's 9 of them in total.
And last up, my game room is closed! Temporarily anyways. My grandparents are moving to a house that's all on one floor and much closer to me in roughly a month's time. So to get them safely out of the way, this past Saturday we relocated their dollhouse collection into my game room for safe keeping. They're a bit fragile to be left to the not always gentle hands of the moving company.

While the scale is all wrong, they do have stairs, so I suppose I could fill one with barricades, and host a Necromunda up-hive gang raid or Nothing like some viscous room-to-room fighting to change things up. Of course my game board can still just go atop the dining room table, which worked just fine for years.  That said, the next month or so will be rather busy for me, so I doubt there will be much time for gaming anyways. Will see...

Oh! One last thing, I just wanted to give a shout out and congratulations to my buddy Necron Bob. He took 4th in the Brawler Bash's WHFB GT this weekend!


Necron Bob said...


Love the pig guy. He'll make a great unit champion.

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