Thursday, April 11, 2013

Da Green Tide!


Last Saturday, da' boyz left all of their trukks and wagons (of various descriptions) at home and decided to go foot slogging for a change. They came upon a beleaguered force of Beastman IG who were in the process of getting exterminated by the  Space Wolves. Orks being Orks, they decided to get stuck in!

1500 points, Orks with Beastman IG allies vs. 'Cheesy Broken Space Wolves' (...snicker...), Dawn of war deployment and Da' Emprah's Will scenario. The Wolves stuck their objective up high, as they had no intention of defending it, and rather were just coming for mine. Neverness was without an opponent, so volunteered to serve as our combat cameraman.

(...and thus what follows is my usual, half-assed attempt at a battle report...)

Da' Boyz and Beastmen, assembling for war!

Da puppies. Note: the Iron Priests have sorely neglected that one rhino, its actually covered in rust!
Da Eleet Grot Mountin Duvishun guards da objective while da uvvers deploy.

Da puppies deployment.
Beastmen also have MOAR DAKKA!!!

Beastmen, advancing to their doom...

OI! Dat wunz mine! Not that a Kan vs. a dread is a fair fight even at long range...

Da Bloo Kans pop open da rusty box!

...and at this point, our combat cameraman appears to have been killed in the crossfire as there are no more photos and he was no longer on the premises.  Basically it was the usual slug fest in which virtually all of both armies were wiped out (and the Wolves did succeed in their beastman extermination campaign).

At the end, Screech's wolves were down to about 7 or 8 models, my boyz numbered maybe a dozen or so, but they held an objective handing me the victory (4VPs to 3). At one point, Screech had my objective, and came off of it to help finish off the remnants of my 30 strong slugga mob, however his dice then said (and I quote) 'Fuck you buddy, you should have stayed on the objective' and his game went all to hell from there on. Two squads of Wolves crumpled like tinfoil leaving da boyz with a win!

Much as it pains me to say it, the Green Tide (per teh interwebz' collective opinion) does work a lot better than my beloved trukk mounted speed freaks. Hopefully the new codex will remedy that...somehow.


rogue.trader.voril said...
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neverness said...

Bummer I left early, but I had such a desire to run and paint stuff seeing that Ork army all assembled in it's glory. And I did work on my Gray Hunters for the rest of the night.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@RTVoril: Don't worry buddy, I still had your favorite: the Manticore.

@Neverness: Well, if you were inspired to paint after seeing my army, then that's as good a reason as any (and quite a compliment as well!).


Hive Angel said...

Pie plates away!