Monday, July 29, 2013

Miracles, made of garbage...


Rob and I played another game of Battletech this weekend in which I lost quite handily I think, but still came away with the moral victory.

I was running a light-weight, combined arms company of the 4th MAC (3050s era) and he was running a stereotypical lance of Steiner overcompensation which we both jokingly referred to as a 'recon mech lance' (i.e.: 2 of the 4 mechs weren't heavy/assault machines, and thus its 'recon'). At the center of his lance was a Fafnir be honest I really had nothing on my side that could even hope to equal it (my heaviest unit was a base model Lineholder). I shot at it anyways, but generally just made it angry which is the best I could have hoped for. Early on I managed to knock it down due to incoming damage (with mechanized infantry of all things putting it over the 20 points received in a turn, to which he graciously failed the piloting check). But that's about it.


Beauty this is not!
Towards the end of our game, the Faf put 2 heavy gauss rifle slugs (at short range) thru the same leg of my company commander's Lineholder's left leg. This tore it off, effectively taking it out of action. Apparently enraged, the crew of my lone surviving SRM Hetzer (the other had suffered the same fate as the aforementioned leg), unloaded into the Fafnir's rear armor and managed 2 lucky critical engine hits! In the following turn, the fafnir made an about face and fired at...something, all I recall is it missed with all of its big guns. In return the Hetzer kept up the punishment with another anime-like volley of missiles corkscrewing thru the air, with only a few actually hitting the Faf, but still managing a 3rd engine crit which automatically took the Mech out of the game!


While it had been hit by other units, the Fafnir was only marginally damaged, with no internals, yet in 2 volleys, a Hetzer took it out! While not as spectacular as my Urbanmech taking out a King Crab in one shot, this is a close second! Especially as the hetzer is more or less an Urbie in wheeled form (i.e.: cheap, defensive junk that's all but a death sentence to be assigned to).

After this debacle, I guess Rob's Steiner forces actually have something to overcompensate for!


Itinerant said...

That Hetzer action is the kind of thing that I really enjoy about gaming.

Thank for the Bt report. I'm currently in a BT phase with their new ruleset coming out.

CounterFett said...

CBT is full of moments like this. Like the time a Laser Infantry platoon got a central torso crit on my Centurion. Fun times.

On the flip side of the coin, I've never used a Hetzer, but I have a Po heavy tank that my old roomate nicknamed 'The Lucky Lancer' for its ability to decapitate mechs with its AC.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Itinerant: You're welcome, thanks for stopping by!

@Counterfett: When infantry does anything useful its a win in my book! My mechanized platoon managed 2 headshots in this game! As for the Po, I've debatd getting them. As much as I like the Capellans, and they build it, the base model comes in at the top of the point range that I like for my vehicles.

I think the motive crit chart is too heavily stacked against vehicles, and so refuse to take expensive tanks. For example, an single LBX blast immobilized a vedette during this game. It could just as easily been a dreadfully expensive Demolisher II, which would be infuriating.

As such I try to keep my tanks at 600-700 points and down.

Murl said...

I came out of that game fairly impressed with the lil hertz you used. Very nice lil mIssle platforms. Paired with a standard ac20 hertz to punch holes, and you'd have a nasty lil combo.

I've used that fafnir in a few games with mixed results...this game I just treated it like it was armed with twin AC20s with a 13 hex mid range and it worked like a dream. The only downside was the need for a god pilot, which drove up the bv cost....but you'll never live thru all that recoil without something better than a 4/5 pilot...

Da Masta Cheef said...

I would think you'd need a minimum 4/4 pilot for the Fafnir.

Don't think I'll get anymore Hetzers, but it is fun to have the cheap vees exceed their expectations!