Monday, July 22, 2013

Why is it always the relic mission?

I mean seriously, it seems that one always gets rolled

Yes we can reroll it, but whatever. Anyways, as stated in my last post, both my GF's Fem Fa'Tau and Jim's Blood Angels were going to square off in a 'training game' this  past Saturday. I say training game as with this game included, they still don't have a dozen games played between them. Additionally, I brought along a squad of my (counts-as-Tau) Grymn, for their (less than stellar) battlefield debut. I tried to remain fairly 'neutral so as to help both sides, and I think I did pretty well  with that till mid game. RTVoril had no game to play, so also helped, as did Screech after his game concluded. Thus about mid-game we were in the congressional mode of fighting thru committee and I had to come to my GF's aid once she realized Voril and Screech were fighting me by proxy.

Relic Scenario
1500 Points
Vanguard Deployment
Jim one the roll to deploy and start the game as the Tau failed to steal the initiative, night fighting didn't kick in till turn 5.

lol, my girl wore the proper attire for the game shop!
The Tau muster for battle...
As do the Blood Angels...

Tau Deployment.

The Grymn in their battlefield debut!

Broadsides (separate units) and Fire Warriors behind their Aegis.

The Blood Angels sight their targets...

Off brand models?!? Target them first!!!

Damned scouts, hadn't anticipated them...

And they're off!!!

Turn 1 Drop pod dread, damnit but I hate that tactic!

Red Wunz Go Fasta!!!

The Fire Warriors lining up their targets from behind their protective barriers.

The Devilfish side stepped over the grymn, so that the Tau Commander could destroy the dread with her missile pods, first blood!

The Broadsides make their presence known!

The view from the broadside in question, note: the white fuzzy lines are the rail cannons.

Voril seems to be enjoying the Broadsides' demise via the devastators and predator.

Whatever you do, Don't turn around...

'Mr Coolaid' kills the commander's bodyguard, and despite a short fire fight, later kills the commander as well. Pathfinders with marker lights would later help the fire warriors to shoot him in the back causing his destruction!
The bikes killed a few grymn, and the little bastards fled right off the table!

Shit, Death Company Deep Striking in!

After a few casualties, the Fire Warriors initiate an orderly retreat. Low LD seems to be the Tau Achilles heal...

The Death Company weather the overwatch fire with only one loss and Multi-charge the Fire warriors.

The end result was a foregone conclusion, one unit run down and the other fleeing off of the table, again the Tau LD hurt them badly.

However the Stealth Suits were doing their job...

The tau attempt at seizing the relic comes apart under withering fire!

And yet another doomed bout of HTH.

Damnit! Now they have the Relic!

Both sides' diversionary units collide! Once again though, the Tau falter in close combat...

Screech, as he watches the Blood Angels all converge on the two pathfinders hunkered in that ruin.

The lone pursuing Stealth Suits would gun down the bikers, but the Relic was never recovered.
There were a few more photos, but blogger is acting wonky and I'm tired of fighting it. In the end it was a 5-1 loss. Jim had the relic, slay the warlord and line breaker, whereas my GF only had First blood. Had she managed to kill the assault marine holding the relic it would have been closer. Still they both had fun which is all that matters!


neverness said...

Fun IS all that matters! So the Grym died. Any bets out there on how fast Cheef puts them on eBay? ;)

Kushial said...

I was neck deep in my first Battletech game two tables over so I missed pretty much all of this game. Looks like they had fun though, so all they need now is a rematch without the help unless they have a question to make sure they're learning the rules.

Da Masta Cheef said...

No, the grymn are too cool looking. Besides, there's no resale in uber obscure minis.

Yes Kushial, the rules will take them some time to learn. Its a repetition thing. If Amy gets this new job then she'll be able to get to HT more often than once in a blue moon which will help.