Monday, September 16, 2013

Kill 'em with fire!!!


The following is just something I came up with whilst bored last week. Its the background for a WHFB 'Bright Wizard' that I don't yet have a model for, though I do plan to get one at some point...

Infernicus the Lamp Lighter

Copyright of GW
The providence of Stirland has always been something of a backwater. Beyond the walls of the capital city of Wurtbad, efforts to maintain even the illusion of civilization have always been a difficult prospect. This has long been one many problems plaguing the far flung town of Leichberg, especially given its close proximity to the accursed Haunted Hills. Aside from building strong walls and hiring men to guard it, one method of constructing that illusion of civility is to keep the lights of the town burning bright thru the darkness of night.

This important task falls to the lowly lamp lighter. However the lamp lighter's toil is one fraught with danger. Alone on the darkened streets of Leichberg, with no one about other than those bent on thievery and mischief, the lamp lighter is often easy prey. Indeed he's seen as an enemy of the criminals of Leichberg, for he robs them of their protective shadow. Worse still, he is night-blinded by the very candle in which he illuminates the town's street lanterns. Leaving him unaware of an assailant until it is too late.

Thus lamp lighters are few, if at all. Suggestions have been made to employ the town's garrison to provide escort. Yet it is the garrison's so-called 'guards' who are most often accused of the aforementioned thievery and mischief. Avoiding the town's fortified walls and barracks by necessity, the lamp lighter walks instead the desolate streets of Leichberg till the first hint of dawn. Tragically it is left to only this solitary, and often short lived soul to stave off the terrors of night.

However the Lord of Leichberg found an ingenious solution to the lamp lighter's problem whilst solving another at the same time. Infernicus, the city garrison's old, decrepit (and some would say: 'not-so') bright wizard had become quite the thorn in his master's side. Primarily thru his insistence that 'one of his age was beyond need for further study of his order's spell craft.' Only to later be found lost in his scrolls, frantically trying to recall any spell of inflammatory use when called to assist in the town's defense! It seemed that other than in times of war, there's little need for a bright wizard's magics in such a place as Leichberg.

Killing two birds with one stone, Infernicus, at the order of his Lordship is now employed as the town's lamp lighter. His need to light fires on a nightly basis, even if only small flame upon a lantern's wick allows him to maintain mastery of at least one spell. Now he'll be theoretically prepared when next comes the call to arms! Furthermore, few are willing to rob a muttering old wizard as he wanders the streets at night. A few words cast in a moment of fright and his would-be attackers will see themselves quickly set aflame!

Wandering the streets each night, Infernicus now weaves an always varying path of flickering light throughout the town. His vigil maintains Leichberg's nightly visage of civility, whilst he memorizes his spell keeping, and sometimes assists the constabulary via the spontaneous combustion of the odd thief or two.

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