Thursday, September 5, 2013

Starting a few little 40k side projects...


Check any of my linked posts on my Storm Wardens and you'll quickly note that all of the minis in that army are old. Indeed most are the 2nd ed. starter box mono-posed marines. Whilst kinda boring, all together they kinda work fine from an aesthetic point of view. I'm even looking to get SM bikes in lieu of assault marines, as again, the bikers are essentially all in the same pose.

I do however have a squad of marines that are all made from multi-poseable parts. They've been around the block, and all have been stripped, partially disassembled, reassembled, and back again. In general, they just look like hell. I tried using them as Sternguard for the Wardens (which are known as 'Inheritors'), but they looked so screamingly different that it didn't work at all for me. So they've sat on the shelf collecting dust, until now...

A friend of mine is starting his own Mechanicum themed fan-dex, and in asking for help someone posted a link to the Angry Marines (that's not a work safe link there folks...). I'd forgotten about that home brew chapter, and reading thru the hilarity of it, I thought why not use my small contingent of multi-posed marines for them? Thus I ordered a few bitz needed as my supply of CCWs has long ago been depleted.

As an added bonus, it'll now be 'fluffy' for me to scream obscenities at my opponents while we play, lol!

Sure its only a base coat, but its a start. Rather than the screaming bright yellow of the Imperial Fists, I'm just using the Averland Sun (or whatever its called) base paint, more of a mustard yellow. It'll save me from needing 15+ coats of yellow to fix a mistake made with any other color.

Fan-dexes aren't universally accepted, so I'll use the rules for Space Puppies. Starting with Blood Claws, as Angry Marines can't hit the broadside of a barn, and just want to get into HTH combat! Give em' a Wolf Guard Battle Leader as the small allied contingent doesn't require a full Captain, and will throw in a Lone Wolf for no other reason than Neverness' Lone Wolf is always a thorn in my side, and this seems like a good opportunity to return the favor! Despite just being base coated, I couldn't resist trying my hand at painting the shoulder pad icon, and it came out reasonably well I think.

Quick! Get the Psychic bug spray!

Not forgetting the Exodites from my last post, I now have a platoon's worth of Psychic tokens. Most just have the power written on in pen till they're painted properly. But it gives me options for rolling 3 of the same of all of the Warlock powers (well, only 2 for Destructor), plus any of the Farseer's powers.  They ought to paint up quickly so long as the Angry Marines or whatever else doesn't distract me.


Mordian7th said...

Hah! The Angry Marines always make me chuckle. Love it!

neverness said...

I would be angry too if I had to wear so much yellow. Hey, yellow being the color of cheese this would be a great color scheme for your eldar! :)

HappySpawn said...

and once more for emphasis

Kushial said...

I like the yellow better than plastic gray.

Da Masta Cheef said...

You guys know you love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the angry bit of fan fluff ever...