Friday, November 1, 2013

This Old House (Cookie Edition)

Last night was Halloween, and Neverness and his GF Kristy invited myself, my GF Amy, and several others over for a small party. Just a simple get together with friends, that sort of thing. Once the onslaught of trick-or-treaters had died down, Kristy remarked: 'Now that we have all the artists here, let's see if they can build some gingerbread houses...'

'I...wha?  We're artists? I just paint miniatures...'

lol, Neverness just looked at me and said: 'This will lead to disaster.' Indeed, gingerbread bread architects we are not. Well, with one exception anyways. Thus Neverness and I started off, with his brother Jay, painter of the ultramarine army frequently seen on Neverness' blog (facing off vs. the Bink's Orks in that link),  and Redbird's husband the Bink, following shortly thereafter once there was room at the table. Neverness also had some help from little Frankie who who was clearly unimpressed with Neverness' art school education...

Here I am, with Redbird behind me.
Jay's Gingerbread bastion starts taking shape...

Neverness working on his second house, whilst the Bink gives it a go in the foreground and Jay in back.
My house is on the right whilst the other two are the work of Neverness. Clearly his 'green stuff' technique needs a bit of
The Bink's precision starts to take shape. He started off by 'sanding' the edges of his gingerbread walls with the edge of a scissor, something the rest of us never considered...
Frankie joins the fray!
Clearly he sees the need to improve upon Neverness' handi-work, so much for going to art

I thought my simple little house looked...decent at least, but the Bink was soon to show us all up!
And yes folks, you see we have a winner. The Bink's gingerbread house surpassed all! Even going so far as to have a chimney made of candy skulls and bones (almost sounds 40kish...).

lol, much fun was had by all, and my thanks again to Neverness and Kristy for the invite!


neverness said...

Brilliant fun was had by all! Funny that Frankie called mine "the projects". LOL

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh yeah I missed that bit! The best part is his meaning for that word is totally different than ours, lol.