Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey interwebz, you lied to me... said the new Nid codex sucks! So tell me how Screech, in his first two games fielding the Nids EVER (and yes with the new codex), pasted the Deathguard and fought the so-called 'broken' Tau to a draw? lol, the vocal tournament minority, screaming for their Matt Wardian 'I-WIN!-button-units (because that's what tournaments are apparently about I guess...) has in its initial impression failed to see a good codex. I expect in 6 months or so opinions will be different...but who knows.

Anyways, my 'adopted little brother' Screech is shipping out to US Army boot camp this coming Tuesday. His family has taken (appropriately I suppose) all of his free time in his last few days of civilian life (though he's already gone to a few drills with the local National Guard unit). That said, Saturday's gaming at the FLGS was renamed 'Screech's 40k gaming extravaganza!' where we were to give him a proper 40k send off!

Below I have a few pics out our game, in which I still hate the Tervigon, even after getting beaten by the Nerf bat. The Fem Fa'Tau (with a handful of Arbitrators as counts-as-IG in support) hunkered down in a Pickett's charge like scenario. Neverness has more pics of the day's games here.

I swear we mowed down this horde of gribblies at least twice (thanks to the tervigon's efforts). Screech told me what unit was what, but they all look a like to me.


The Tau's fold-a-fort (aegis) drew many compliments during the night, and formed the anchor of the Tau's game long, static deployment.


The Stealth Suits did try to gun down 'momma' but to no avail given its high toughness and heay armor. They died to the last whilst only inflicting 1 wound on the monster (and it survived the game, grrr...).


The new Chimera only advanced about 6" before dying to Hive guards (some things never change). Of course Screech did give me the Chapterhouse portion of this kit for Christmas, so I guess its appropriate he got the first kill on the finished model. My Arbitrators did a good, multi-turn, room-to-room, hand to hand combat with the little gribblies towards the end of the game. Tying up one of three objectives for the remainder of the game, and giving us the tie.

So it was a fun night and we wish Screech the best in the coming months of basic and AIT training ahead!



neverness said...

You sound bitter, as if you REALLY wanted the 'nids to suck! LOL

I've been reading through the background material on this codex and i really like the story of the Octarius Sector that had a hivefleet diverted into Ork Space and the ensuing war that resulted. This maybe the first 'nid codex in a while where I might actually have a sporting chance in an Ork on Bugz game.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Considering that most of my experience vs. nids, has been with them fielded by power gamers, yes I did!

Edwin said...

The naftka tournament reports about nids are priceless. I think you will get a kick out of them.