Monday, January 6, 2014

Crowd sourcing opinions for the Greater Good...


Long time, no post. Sorry, the holidays are like that. Especially given that last week we spent most of the week in Florida for New years. However all is back to normal for the most part. The Christmas tree is down and the house is (mostly) undecorated, etc.. As such, we went to the FLGS for our first gaming night of 2014, and the gaming was indeed good (with luck, later on this week Neverness will do a battle report).

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For now though, Kushial came bearing Christmas presents for us! 


I received  a cool looking Reaper Griffon, and my GF was given yet more Tau Drones (we may try an endless-skeet-wave army for shits and giggles at some point) and a FW Hammerhead turret with missile pods and twin-linked, long barreled burst cannons. The turret can only use one option or the other, and I have a cool idea for those burst cannons, but like the griffon, that I'll save for a later post...

The Missile pod turret comes from the Taros campaign book and sadly, to my knowledge the rules haven't yet been updated. No idea when the rules will be either. The missile pods were 20pts. cheaper than a railgun under the old rules, and are Str 7, AP4, 36" range, Heavy 4. Basically the same as those on her Fem Fa'Tau commander. Hardly worthy on a main battle tank. I sent an inquiry to FW about ideas on an update, and was going to send my thoughts to house rule/update them via email to the gang that we play with. However a blog post will probably give me even more ideas/opinions on the subject for a house rule to use in the interim.

I was thinking to twin-link the missile pods for the same cost of the railgun/Ion cannon (as there's no difference in cost in the current codex).

(and preferably...)

For +10 points over the tank's current cost (the old railgun was 50pts, and the missile pod 30 points) have 2 missile pods mounted on the turret (thus 60 pts, vs. the railgun's 50), for 8 missile pod shots per turn. Whilst that sounds like the best option to me, it still leaves AV14 vehicles immune to the tank's shooting (unlike a railgun), and Marines (who are a dime a dozen 'round here) will still get their armor saves (except for scouts, who die like dogs anyways). Plus if the tank moves 6", one of those missile pods will have to snap fire. So its not nearly as scary as it sounds at first.

So lacking any official update from FW, how does that sound? Anyone have any better/other ideas, opinions?


Kushial said...

The Taros campaign book has been updated to a "2nd Edition" which updates all the rules inside it to 6th Edition. So if you find a PDQ of the newer version you'll have all the rules for the turret options.

Da Masta Cheef said...

ooh, awesome, thanks! (again)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Okay, I got it, is a dreadful PDF though, so may just buy the actual book.

neverness said...

I bet it has lots of yummy background stuff to read as well.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh it does! That said, I borrowed Rob's original printing of the book and read it cover to cover quite some time ago.