Monday, March 3, 2014

Da' 13th Dokta iz komplete!


He came out pretty good I think. My only regret I guess is painting the big choppa red, as the 'Blood for the blood god!' paint doesn't show up too well on it (other than being shiny). Speaking of, he's covered in that paint! Looks like he's been thru a real blood bath...or, at least a bloody operashun.

Da' Dokta has learned over time to cultivate some of the galaxy's most venomous spiders. Just one bite and the venom reduces its victim to a state of agonizing paralysis (whilst still leaving them still quite awake). For an Ork's hardy constitution this lasts only a few hours, but is more than sufficient for conducting surgery and experiments on his patients (whether they need/want it or not). The spider meanwhile feasts on the juicy bits that have been discarded from the patient (helping with the cleanup!). So intense is the venom's pain that even on the field of battle, injured boys have been known to scoop their guts up and stagger away claiming they're fine. All in hopes to avoid da' Dokta's attention...

 ...thus, he grants his attached unit 'feel no pain' and the spider will function as his 'Grot Orderly'.

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