Thursday, May 8, 2014

Alpha Legion Recon Legionaires


Just a quick post. As I've said previously, I repurposed some of my Storm Warden Scouts to be used as an Alpha Legion Recon squad in scout armor for Warhammer 30k.

Not a bad change for what was originally a heavy bolter toting scout eh?

Not wanting them to look just like my other Storm Warden scouts (yes, I'm using my favorite color-Hawk Turquoise for these guys too) I did a head swap using instead an IG gunner's head (Aquila removed). Scraping off the Aquila on his chest, I added all sorts of pouches, grenades, the Scout demo charge on their backs (looks like a rucksack). Also, if you may have noticed, the new Scions' command arms fit just fine on the scout bodies!

No, I doubt that he'll ever hit/wound anything, in 30k either...

I suppose I can still use them for the Storm Wardens, but most likely I won't. This squad tends to just fail miserably anyways, only the shotgun scout squad ever accomplishes anything useful (some of the time anyways).


Mordian7th said...

Nice! That's a cool build, man - great use of bits!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks Mordian!