Monday, May 26, 2014

The Red Corsairs in all of their Glory!!!

So, as some of you may recall, a little over 2 years ago, I was given an amazingly converted Red Corsair army by one of my readers (a concept that still boggles my mind!). However aside from painting a model or two, I never did anything with it and eventually passed it off to Mac, one of my friends here locally. Mac is, at most maybe 19, and is easily the fastest the painter in our group. Likewise he's arguably the best painter we have as well. Indeed, if you'd like some of his painting tips, check this out.

Mac is a bit of an elitist in that he won't bring an army to the FLGS unless its fully painted, so we haven't seen the Corsairs till this past weekend. In their battlefield debut, he fielded 1k of them against my GF's FemFa'Tau (and was victorious in doing so). Here's a gallery of the minis:

You can see why this guy left the Space Wolves: he brushes his hair!

He added some Raptors to the army, and the flesh hounds function as spawn.

Looks like there's another Fallen Angel to add to the Dark Angels' list...

Love the way the red just pops on all of these guys!

Check out that free hand work!
The full 1k. He still has another 500 or so points to go!

Okay seriously, given the speed with which he paints these models, and considering the level of quality, I think Mac ought to look into starting a painting service in order to finance his hobby (at his age, this game is beyond his pay scale!). I mean, wouldn't you guys pay to have an army that looks like this???


Narric Techna said...

So much delicious heresy :D

neverness said...

*sigh*...breaking the brushes and calling it a day...

(These look great Mac!)

Mordian7th said...

Wow, those truly are special! Beautiful work.

Greg Hess said...

These are wonderful! Love all the little extra bits and attention to the various chapters.