Monday, September 22, 2014

Kicking it old school with Mutant Chronicles!


Our friend Brad came over for dinner Friday evening, and brought an old, old copy of Mutant Chronicles with him. I used to play the old Warzone miniature game, but this game was the inspiration for that one. The minis for it are...well, to be honest, hideous. lol, at least the Doomtroopers (the good guys) are.  Most of the Dark Legion minis are as well, but the Necromutants and Legionaires are decent at least.

Cluster-fuck in progress on the stepped tile...
I was running the Dark Legion for this round and here you can see my Ezoghoul (or something like that) killing Wolfy's Mishima warrior named 'Yojimbo' (the way we were pronouncing that, he sounded like a Cajun-Japanese guy, lol).
Horrid models aside, it was a lot of fun and quite easy to learn. We started around 8pm, and were happily going along till Brad checked his phone and saw it was 1am!!! Thus we had to cut this night of gaming 'short'.



neverness said...

Awesome! I should bring Space Cruesade over some time...;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, gaming is going to turn into Antiques Roadshow at this rate!