Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quonset the Hutt!!!

lol, actually there's only one 'T' in hut, but I couldn't resist.

About two weeks or so back, BoLS posted an article about Fantasy Flight's end of year sale. Most of it was RPG stuff, and whilst they were all good deals (if you played those RPGs), they were still too costly for me to buy at this point in time. All the more so as my RPG group has fallen apart with little hope of recovery. 

Idly perusing thru all of the sections, I clicked on Dust Tactics more out of boredom than anything else (I've never had any interest in the game), and stumbled on their Quonset hut 6-pack terrain set listed for a mere $4! 


Why do the boxes always look so much bigger on the webstore than when you get them at home?
Well, there's no wasted space at least!

I checked online for any reviews, and all were positive so I bought a set which came to $13.15 total with shipping. That translates into: $2.19 per hut! Hell, card-stock terrain costs more than that!

Total time of assembly: about 5 minutes, no glue or trimming required (meaning they still store conveniently in the box).
The scale is perfect for 28mm gaming!

My initial idea was to use them for Infinity. True, these are anything but anime-ish…but I'm going with the Ariadna, who are low-tech/3rd world-like anyways. Besides, these are cheap line-of-sight blockers that aren't my cityfight ruins. Especially as 40k's stereotypical SKULLS ON EVERY SURFACE design philosophy is also quite unanime-ish, not to mention a bit tiresome to look at after 2 decades of gaming in the grim dark. 

To me, Quonset huts scream WWII! Well that and cheap post-WWII housing. In the latter case, I know of 3 in my area, one of which I drive by every time I go to work. So for Bolt Action (which is Weird War II in my case), these will be perfect for terrain. To that end, I pulled my long hibernating (in their miniature cases) Quar out for a quick sweep and clear of the new huts! 

Note: My Camera-Quar is on hand, to photograph the event for propaganda purposes...
They line up nicely for a longer, multi-room hut as well.

My (futile?) hope is that my so-called opponents will get off their asses and actually build their armies after what…1-2 years? I'm not gonna hold my breath on that though. We're this far along and Rob still can't make up his mind on an army (his latest: I like the look of the Finns...kinda like he said for the Japanese and the Russians before them). My best hope is Bob who just recently picked up the Bolt Action rulebook. 


I guess my over-weight Aardvarks (of a sort) still rule WWII...quonset huts and all. 


neverness said...

I just built my Sherman Firefly, so maybe we can get something happening before 2020-ish?.

Admiral Drax said...

Wow - these are lovely! How did I miss this?

- D