Thursday, June 18, 2015

You're not going to sell all of your bitz are you?

No, I...uh...well...

My friends who have rummaged thru this box over the years will probably be horrified by how empty it is now.

Looking down at my near empty bitz box (the 'BIG BOX' as I generally refer to it), and the 6, full, gallon sized bag at my feet...well, it sure looked like I was heading in that direction. I guess I kinda just got into the ebay mindset and wasn't stopping till Wolfy posed that question to me.

Next stop: ebay.
 My Orks, Space Marines and Eldar (what survives of the three armies), along with Wolfy's Tau are all already built, with no plans of any future purchases at the moment (and I'm two updated codexes behind already). The Grymn and Quar are all largely 1-2 piece metal minis, with little to no need of conversion. X-Wing conversions to date number just one ship, and that didn't require anymore than rearranging its own parts. Ya know, I always said I'd be done with gaming when I sold off all of my bitz, and after seeing how well Mike's bitz bags sold for a few weeks back, I thought:

Why hang onto all of this junk that I'm not using anymore?

But I dunno, faced with the reality of what I was doing, I quietly stopped and instead I collected my smaller bitz boxes and dumped them into the now almost empty big box, closed the lid and put it back in the game room. I know I'm not done with gaming just yet, but my connection to my 20 year love of all forms of Warhammer took another big, BIG hit today. It makes me sad, but more for what 40k & WHFB was, rather than what GW's turned them into now.

On a brighter note, here's my latest Grymn WIP Twin-Heavy stubber team:

Too much sand?

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