Thursday, November 12, 2015

Does that say Captain OBGYN?

lol, and as you would expect, much laughter ensued!

Wait what? WHAT did you call me?!?!?!

All I was trying to do was to show my beloved Wolfy my latest ebay impulse buy, was late, her glasses were off and squinting at the screen, well....that's what she said that she saw. After the laughter from the two of us subsided, I corrected her to which she replied with: 

'Well, too bad, he's named Captain OBGYN now.'

The poor bastard hadn't even gotten here yet (though he's since arrived from R'Kansas). Like I said, this was an impulse buy from an Arkansas FLGS that's liquidating a lot of it's stock. New-in-the-blister with shipping clocked in at only $11.48, so for such a cool looking mini I figured 'sure, why not?'

For all of Warmahordes' faults (and to me there are many), it does have some kick-ass models (Convergence excluded). Actually, the Pyg Officer & Mortar Trollkin are what first caught my eye, but I don't think they're available yet and they would have been more expensive anyways.

The Bushwhackers these models accompany are pretty cool looking too.
Also, just to forestall the inevitable (assuming he's not already called me): No Rob, I don't want to play Warmahordes.

Both photos are Copyright of Privateer Press


Waaargh Pug said...

Privateer's models vary wildly on the coolness scale, but Cap'n OBGYN is definitely up there as one of my favorites, too. Convergence is rad, though; you're crazy!

What are looking to use him for, anyway? Just shelf decoration?

Zzzzzz said...

And with a sympathetic paint job they could either be Ogryn for your Iggies or just slot straight into an Orky horde.

ps, how's the ol' dread' comin' on ? I've inherited a SW one from Andy BG which I'll use as basing material for a Chaos Knight for when I play Karitas.
So watching your progress with interest.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Sorry, I've been 'off if the grid' for a few days..

...but yes, just a shelf decoration.

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ Zzzzzz: Sorry, missed your comment. However this morning's post will prettymuch answer your question. Since we were outta town, the dread torso is still in the simple green, nor has any other progress been made to the project. :-/