Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Fallout Hobbies decals have arrived!


This was a bit of a pet project of mine for awhile. Preferring to have more than just a unit logos adorning their hulls, I want my tanks and whatever other vehicles I get for The Buffet Assault Group to have 'nose art' as well. Having come up with more logos than I could possibly need (and in pairs incase I fuck one up whilst applying them...which wouldn't be hard with 15mm scaled decals), I filled in the remaining decal sheet space by creating logos for several other projects of mine.

Those being:

The Buffet Assault Group (Gruntz, as mentioned above)
The 15th Utaupian Regiment (Gruntz)
Da Long Wayz Dezert Groop (assuming they ever get another vehicle...)
The SLDF's 76th Royal Dragoons - 'The Spirit of 76' (for Classic Battletech)
My beloved Wolfy's Fem Fa'Tau (most of whom are still unpainted)
The Black Dragons Space Marine Chapter (Who did you think that old dread was for anyways?)
The Eleventy-First Devonshire Homeguard Regiment (for Bolt Action)

....aaaaaaaaand:  the 'TOP SECRET' part of the decal sheet on the right which is will be part of somebody's Christmas present.

Sorry about the glare, I was in a hurry and didn't take 'em out of the bags.

Ron at Fallout Hobbies said all looked good with my artwork, but apparently there was some issue in my placement of said artwork which was causing difficulty in their printing process. So they split it up into 2 sheets, and filled the dead space with extra logos at no extra charge!


I've seen Fallout's decals already show up on Mordian 7th's and Dave Taylor's blogs among others, and as I'm sure you have already guessed, they're awesome! So go and give 'em a look for yourself!

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