Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year folks!


I took the tail end of 2015 off from blogging as the lead up into Christmas, along with visiting family (all within an approximately 3 hour radius) during Christmas was going to all but eliminate hobby-time all together...but then I got sick Christmas night. Resulting in cancelled plans all around, and now our previously planned 'quiet New Years' has gone all to hell with rescheduled visits. As such, we're most likely on the road today, meeting up with my Mom who's still in the region rather than back in Florida. But, you guys don't care about that so without further ado...

Here's my last paint job of 2015! A Sword class hovertank rom Khurasan for my Gruntz, Buffet Assault Group army.

The drybrushing caught the edge of the TBAGerz decal...but I guess that can be passed off as the edge of an added on name plate. 
This amount of grime is probably kicked up just from gliding over the average parking lot!

During my quarantine, I was able to get some painting in after passing thru the varying stages of 'god this sucks' (runny nose = no paint). I really enjoyed painting this, especially after painting so, soooo many GW tanks over the years. Yes I've painted tank from other manufacturers, but this model felt like a breath of fresh air!

That said, it is a bit of a memorial to an old friend who had passed on a few years back. Olen, and older guy at one of the (now defunct) FLGs's that I used to frequent, was known for (many things actually) his favorite battle cry of 'You'll die like bitches!' (followed by a cackling laugh) as he was rolling the dice! As you can see, I had a few decals saying that in my Fallout Hobbies order, and this is the first of them (all the same design) which has landed on the front glacis of this tank.

Sadly, this tank was powerless in its 1st battle (no, I haven't actually played Gruntz yet) vs. our kitty Neeka. She, like her sister Kiya don't understand why I keep putting my minis in what they think is their kitty cube (and not my light box). She actually tried to swat the tank aside which promptly (and quite unhappily for her) caused me to remove her from the cube (and for that injustice, I was given the cold shoulder for the rest of the night).



neverness said...

....just how small is that tank, or just how big is that cat?!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Its a 15mm scaled tank and fits easily into the palm of my hand.

Zzzzzz said...

Hummm, Always visit your mum whilst you've still got one would be my advice. Love the furry light box warmers; they must make photographing minis sooooo much easier.

Drax has done a couple of things for me and I always love his stuff; you do know that he won a three way fight with Orks a couple of summers ago ?