Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Outremar NEED MOAR DAKKA!!!


As my Outremar lack the number needed to field an Infantry Fire Support squad of (5) twin-heavy stubber teams (whereas I only have 2), they're sorely lacking in massed firepower. The slow roaming cannon-fodder blob squad of 20 Outremar only have an 18" range with their auxilia rifles, and the grenadiers have bolters and grenade launchers which is better but still lacking. My Leman Russ does have a multi-laser and heavy stubber, but those are little more than an after thought as its main job will be tank-hunting with its vanquisher cannon.

True the Alpha Legion will be on the table too, but they'll be busy securing objectives, taking out enemy characters and other important targets. Hanging back and saturating the other end of table with massed fire is what the Outremar are for. Going the cheap route (rather than buying those 3 more Twin-Heavy stubber teams),  I opted for a Quad-Multilaser Rapier team.

A grymn for scale, though not one of the crew for it. I kinda like the fact that it looks a bit like a robot!
I say cheaper as I didn't buy the Forgeworld model, but rather an alternate model from Puppetswar. No guns were included with that, but they weren't needed as I already had 2, twin-gatling guns that were originally to go with this mini (which was given to a friend sans-gatling guns).

I put it on the base as to minimize the wear and tear on those little legs.
This little bugger (and its 2 crew) will give me 6, twin-linked strength 6, AP6, 36" shots per turn! Oh yes please, whether hosing down infantry squads or hull pointing rhinos to death, this little unit will bring some much needed dakka till the twin-heavy stubber squad can be brought to bear.

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