Thursday, July 28, 2016

My new Legiones Astartes - Age of Darkness book has arrived!

As you can see, its still in the shrink wrap...which is something of a travesty in and of itself! Sigh, its been a busy afternoon, and I've simply not had the time to open it, sprawl out on the couch and give it a good read-thru. Originally, I was going to do another kill team battle report for this post, but I'm tired, its late and...yeah. That'll just have to wait for Monday.

Thought for the day: Suffer not the shrink wrap to live!

The unit listing on the back cover includes all the recently added model/unit types, but it seems not the Legion specific rules/Rights of War. Oh well, I can just print off the half dozen (or so) pages that I need for the Alpha Legion and save myself $50+ that I'd spend on the other book otherwise.

Edit: This book has alternate Rights of War and there's one that fits my army perfectly!!! Which sounds like the makings of another blog post in the near future...

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