Monday, January 9, 2017

Rogue Stars


So yeah...this is happening. 

Our buddy Hoss was going on about this game in our local gaming group's FB page and Wolfy and I gave it a look. The reviews look good, the excerpts we could see/read online looked promising, and...well to quote Wolfy directly:

"It has space pirates! I'm in!"

This really is just a rule set, and you can use whatever minis you already own. I have a fairly vast collection of Hasslefree's Grymn, and a random variety of Bombshell minis that will ought to work out perfectly! Likewise Wolfy also has a fair few Hasslefree minis of her own and a Yu Jing army for Infinity that she never uses. All of those ought to work out nicely for this game making it a very inexpensive game to try out (always a bonus!).

Also, Rogue Star's creator is very active on the game's FB page, answering questions and inquiries within minutes most of the time! For example a Quick Reference Sheet is a common request on the FB page and one is already in the works!

Our copy of this ought to arrive today and assuming all goes well, we're hoping to get our first game in with Hoss this coming weekend!

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