Monday, January 23, 2017

This week on ebay...


With the holiday mailing rush over meaning that shipping via the postal service is no longer a nightmare (or, least its not any worse than the norm), I decided to offer up a few more unwanted toys to the almighty ebay.

First up, The Buffet Assault Group partook in its first ever battle. Or rather, they were actually spectators to the battle to see who would take possession of them.

Such cool models, but I'd rather somebody use them just keep them in a mini case forever...
I fully painted an army but never got to play the sad.

Anyone who's been involved in a short, but furious ebay bidding war knows how frustrating and expensive they can be. However when you're selling an item, that same bidding war causes you to cackle with glee as almost non-stop bid notifications come in all the way down to the wire! As such, the price for the TBAGerz almost doubled in those last few, furious minutes!

My other two auctions weren't near as lucrative but sold none-the-less. Next up was an old Battletech tank that sold for prettymuch what I bought it for. Sometimes I wonder why I keep anything Battletech as we so rarely play the game...but that's a train of thought for another day.

Lastly I sold, my Panzerfauste Gnomes. Despite spectacular customer service, the whole experience of poorly cast minis, poorly cast replacement parts, waiting months for said parts and yeah...I didn't have any interest left to even bother to paint the little guys. They sold for the $10 which equaled the price of replacement arms and guns. Ebay and paypal fees meant I lost a little, but that literal cost wasn't nearly as bad as the disappointing experience that I had with them.

As such, with the Gnomes demise, I've effectively washed my hands of Bolt Action all together.

Whilst the lion's share of the $$$ just went into the ol' checking account (because being a semi-responsible adult sucks), I did use some to buy some MINIONS!!! I love the Minions from the Despicable Me movies, and Bombshell minis makes a sprue of (6) robot minions with (or without) guns. I took the ones with weaponry as I think they'll be perfect for use with Rogue Stars.

As for this week coming: I'm hoping to actually paint those Orks I primed last week

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neverness said...

I confess, the minionbots are cool!