Monday, March 6, 2017

Blood for the machine god!


It seems that Bob and Screech beat up on me so badly in our game of Kill Team that I awoke Sunday feeling like my shoulder was destroyed. Seriously, no idea what happened to it, but luckily I already had this post's mini painted up and ready to go:

Actually, my techmarine-now-Forgelord was painted years ago. All I did this go round was add a 'IX' decal for the Blood Angels Legion, as there wasn't enough room for a BA icon, and added some 'blood for the blood god' paint onto his 'heavy chain blade'.

They match fairly closely despite the techmarine being painted years ago.

To that i added a new 30mm base with a creepy little cherubin-cyber familiar toting a rad grenade. Blood Angels need one less to wound in HTH combat. The rad grenade lowers the toughness of an enemy unit in the 1st round of HTH, so with the Forgelord attached to a tac squad, these boys will be wounding on a 2+ which is a frightening prospect for any enemy SM unit!

Which means they'll most likely just get shot off of the table instead.


Greg Hess said...

Love the buzz saw. It's just brutal!

neverness said...

This guy really shows off when it's pizza day in the mess hall.