Thursday, May 25, 2017



Rather than the usual 'Look! I painted (or only half painted) one mini...or I built a mini.' nonsense that I've been posting here of late. Instead with this post I have FOUR painted minis to show off! That' a whole month's worth for me (well, ranting aside)! Also Neverness, you can stop reading now as this is a Battletech post.

Purple Urbies!!!

Urbanmechs as you may well know are my favorite type of mech in Battletech and for the 1st time ever, I have a fully painted lance of them! These are painted in the colors of the Free World's League Militia, and whilst the FWLM isn't the most prolific Urbie user, their neighbor and frequent sparring partner, the Capellan Confederation is! Thus I'll be able to use them as pretty-much any available variant.

Kushial, the cars are perfect for basing if you haven't used them for anything yet.

The one with the plasticard base is my original urbie, and will always be the lance leader after its first shot ever fired took out a 100-ton King Crab (and no, I will never stop mentioning that glorious moment!).

Where the 30ton foot prints meets the road...

I'm rather fond of their bases, painting the rocks up as rubble, and adding in some 6mm scaled cars, it looks as though these urban defense mechs are doing a piss poor job of defending whatever city they're stationed in. I wanted to use my grey/black rubble flock, but apparently that's buried in the game room somewhere and I gave up on searching. Thus, it looks like this city had some green spaces before it was blasted into ruins!

Now, no promises I'll be productive before my next post, but there's always a chance...

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Mordian7th said...

The humble and oft-overlooked Urbanmech. Nicely done on the lance, man!