Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sgt. Hensley


I thought I'd try something a little different than the usual 'this is what I painted this week' post guessed it, the mini I painted this week. I wanted to make one of those trooper vignette/profiles like you see in Forgeworld's Imperial Amor campaign books. 

That was my intent anyways. 

It didn't really turn out as well as I had wanted, but I don't have any more time to fuck with it, so screw it. Here ya go:

Yes, I am well aware that this will suck to read for those on you using smart phones.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park photo credit goes to Mark Harris Photography.


Ziek said...

Great write up. I suspect you could write a novel just on his adventures.

neverness said...

Fun stuff. Is it a coincidence that we used to have a "Hensley" or two in our gaming circle?

Da Masta Cheef said...

@Ziek: I dunno, how many rambling tangents does it take to qualify as a book?

@Neverness: Oh, so you did see the resemblance?