Monday, June 11, 2018

WIP Grot Tanks


I've been wondering what to do with my Rivet Wars Stug walkers. They were originally supposed to be Armored Sentinels for my Grymn IG army, but then my Grymn migrated to 30k and its Imperialis Militia. In 30k they won't work as (1) there are no armored sentinels and (2) the unit size minimum is 3, and (3) the cost of acquiring more of these has become cost prohibitive.

Skittering noises will be required in the movement phase! 

So, what to do with these otherwise great minis? I tried selling 'em on ebay to no avail, leaving them to collect dust once more before deciding to use 'em as Grot Tanks! Grot tanks have a minimum unit size of 4, however you can field an understrength sized unit as an auxiliary support detachment for -1 command point. So, Grot tanks it is!

The painted one may needs some more gubbinz prior to being painted.

I just have the two for now, the painted (and soon to eventually be repainted) one has a multi-barreled big shoota, and the other has a grotzooka, loaded with Stikkbombz (indeed, one is even protruding out of the muzzle). If there's one thing to be said about grot tanks, its that consistency is not a concern. So in the future I can add other small vehicles of some sort to flesh out the unit to the minimum of 4 (or more)


WestRider said...

I was going to say, the great thing about Grot Tanks is that there's no need for extras in the Unit to look even remotely like these. Bummer that they're no longer easily available, tho. They look like awesome Models.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Eh, there's plenty of other offerings out there to flesh the unit out.