Thursday, October 11, 2018

SIlver Drakes Kill Team WIP 2


Still fighting on 'dirt' bases...

I'm still plodding along on my Kill Team. With 2/3 having survived their crucial first game, they ought to (hopefully) perform better from here on out. Well, in theory at least.

The glare, the glare!!
Basing aside, they're all painted and the decals were applied with no swearing required (what the hell?). They all have a roman numeral IV (their squad #) on the left front pauldron and chapter icons on both pauldrons. Tactical icons are a moot point as they're Intercessors who don't have a whole hell of a lot of variety to begin with!

Unlike regular 40k games, in Kill Team I need to be able to tell one grunt apart from the next, so I've added individual trooper numbers on their backpacks which will theoretically still be visible once the inking and further layer of dry brushing has been applied. I also added one to Demotion's pack as well (and yes, I think that that will be his name from now on).

In the end, glasses may be required!

The next step is to slather them in ink and let 'em sit over night. With a bit o' luck, they might even be done by my next post.


Ziek said...

They are looking great.

For some reason Trooper Demotion's name reminds me of the character Major Major Major Major from Catch 22.


Da Masta Cheef said...


That would be too tiring to have to say all the time, lol.

WestRider said...

"...the decals were applied with no swearing required..."

The numbers on their backpacks do look like they could be a bit hard to read, especially in harsh lighting. Not really sure what to do about it, tho.

Ziek's comment about names makes me think of Brother Brutha from Small Gods.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Normally yes, it is inconceivable!

As for the pack numbers, the hard part was to find a set of 1-10. I also had en in white off of the rinky-dink Cadian decal sheets, but figured they'd be less visible. I also pondered the numbers on the Space Wolf decal sheet, but they looked to be a smidge too big. Will have to see when all is said and dine I guess.