Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Hive Mind Cometh..

Little gribblies rejoice! Actually no, just scurry forth into our enemy's prey's guns!

I've been on the ol' eBay hunt for a Tyranid warrior to lead my hive fleet Ouroboris kill team for awhile now. Whilst I think the current warrior sculpt is by far the best incarnation from over the years, to get one unassembled on eBay clocks in at about $21! What the fuck? That's almost half the cost of a box of 3! 

Then of course there are the pro painted  (lol yeah, without a doubt!) and/or the poorly assembled varieties both which often go for far less, but also look as though you'll need to strip/disassemble, and rebuild them once they arrive due to abysmal painting/posing of the minis.

Taken straight out of it's eBay auction!

I only wanted one, and only wanted to spend about $10 on it. So, I opted to get an older metal model for just that price! It works I suppose, especially as I also have the old termagants and (quote): 

"Encounters with Ouroboris have revealed that the organisms spawned by this Hive Fleet contain cruder, primitive versions of common Tyranid bio-weapons and organs." 

Or in other words: they're the obsolete bugs. 

Ultimately though I ended up spending a bit over $20 in total for this as I wanted it to have a really cool base (being my only 'big bug') much like it's Silver Drakes Sergeant counterpart. I'm pretty sure that Tyranid warriors go on 40mm bases, but given that it'll be a bit more like a little diorama, I'm thinking it'll probably end up on a 60mm base. 


WestRider said...

Sweet! As much as I agree with you that the current Warriors are the best sculpts they've had, there's still something about those goofy old RT/2nd Ed Warriors that I really love.

Now that I see what you're doing here, Kill Team would be the perfect place to use the one I have, along with the old-school Hormies and Termagants That I don't have enough of to be useful in full on 40K.

Warriors are actually on 50mm round bases now, so you've got more room to play around with on the "right" base, and it's less of a difference if you decide to go with a 60mm.

And yeah, some of those "pro painted" listings are laughable. All "pro" technically means is that at some point, they got someone to pay them for painting, which doesn't necessarily have any relationship to their actual skill level ;)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah, these old minis will also help differentiate my kill team from the other in our league/group. Awesome on the 50mm base, thanks I didn't know that and its good to know a 60mm one won't be much of a stretch.

When I sell my minis, I always say 'table top standard'. 'Pro painted' is sometimes the truth. Most of the time its laughable though, so much so that there's actually a facebook page devoted to (not, but described as) pro painted ebay auction minis, lol.

Monkey Chuka said...

Damn, I've never even seen that version of a warrior before. Thanks for sharing.

Da Masta Cheef said...