Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Leviathan WIP 3


Yup, I'm running late this week too. Real Life intervened postponing Kushial and my 'tanks only' Battletech game. That was rather fortuitous as Papa Nurgle launched a surgical strike in my direction later that evening that lead to yet another weekend of illness.

Late last week though I did manage to at least get some more paint onto Kushial's leviathan dread. As I recall, he wanted it to be finished before year's end meaning I'm well behind schedule. Don't recall if he specifically said which year though...

Gaaaah! It's blind!

Yes, I know...its not much to look at, and the blue paint matches up quite well with the blue painter's tape I used to mask off the center torso. I don't normally mask off area's on minis but I wasn't too confident of my ability to paint straight lines up and around the curved torso. I have something special in my for this model, but it'll take a bit more work to see if I can pull it off yet.

So stay tuned...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Prepping for battle


Yes both posts are a day late this week...deal with it.

Anyways, in our next round of what I've taken to calling Hobart's Funnies (following last week's all Urbanmech game), Kushial and are playing a 'no mechs' game of battletech this coming weekend.

They look like little more than wreckage at this point.
Cleaned up...mostly. The behemoth wouldn't come clean after at least a year in the simple green, followed by such a vigorous scrubbing that I nearly broke one of the guns off of the turret! 

My force. The Behemoth isn't a standard tank for the Free Worlds League Militia, so this one was captured at some point. Judging by the appearance of it however, it looks like it was recovered from the bottom of an ocean!

In preparation, I pulled my horde of tanks out of the simple green and scrubbed what was left of their old paint jobs off. Seriously, considering the majority of the 2nd hand CBT tanks I've gotten over the years, I think the average Battletech miniature painter is visually impaired, though as always there are exceptions (yeah and those paint jobs make mine look I'm visually impaired...).

Aww yeah...

Speaking of, I painted an AC-2 Carrier this week giving me 2 painted minis vs. Kushial's completely painted force. :-/ 

The AC-2 Carrier is kinda like my signature tank if there is such a thing. I've converted several over the years, but this is my best incarnation yet, built off of an old Oro. At best they're very situational, at worst...near worthless. But for whatever reason I like 'em. It'll also make a reasonable stand-in for another fav or mine, the even more maligned Laser Carrier.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hopping on the Primaris bandwagon...

...but only long enough to rant about it again.

Okay I'll admit it up front: I like 'em! Most of them are really nice looking models that I want to paint though like all miniature lines, some just look like crap. Their fluff however is...in a word: awful. But I've ranted about that before, so why do so again right? Right. Let's bitch about some matched play point values instead.

But first off, the cause of this rant: my Alpha Legion Lieutenant.

Note the Rainbow warrior helms decorating the base...

Admittedly it was fun if somewhat laborious to paint, using my old tried and tested 30k color scheme. So, despite my apathy towards 8th, what to do with him if I were to try 8th again? Not sure, but some mild research has generated some confusion in me, so here we go...

I guess he could be considered a Chaos exalted champion, but honestly why bother? In matched play...he could be a full blown Chaos lord for four measly points more. What do those 4 points grant you? 1+ better to shoot, +1 better armor save, +2 wounds, +1 to his Ld, and a 4++ save. Seriously, all of that for 4 freakin' points?!? Are they even trying? Why wouldn't you take him as a lord over a champion except for purely fluffy reasons (which have no place in matched play because it is for the competitive sort...).

Moving on, lord or champion stats ignored, he's my only HA (Heretic Astartes as an acronym shouldn't be an expression of amusement), let's try it again: my only CSM which makes him my warlord by default. That means he gets a relic for the points of the weapon it replaces, otherwise known as for FREE! Because that seems fair. Yep, chainsword-turned-relic = free. Dumb, but whatever. The Alpha Legion relic (which conveniently and unbeknownst to me prior to painting is a chainsword) is the Blade of the Hydra which has +1S, -2AP, Damage: 2, and D3 extra attacks. Cool.

But, but Chaos doesn't have Primaris marines you say? Don't they? Well why not, they have a Loyalist Space Marine relic so why not Primaris marines? Lemme splain...

Yeah, that Blade of the Hydra...its the same fucking thing as the Space Marine relic called the Teeth of fucking Terra!!! Seriously, same stats! Sure that may qualify as literal matched play, but that's not game design...that's just plain fucking lazy!

Crap its late, time for bed so for the time being, on the shelf this guy shall remain!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Finally! A game of Battletech!


Scheduling a game of anything with my buddy Rob all but takes an act of congress. Thus after a month and a half (or so) of cancellations, we managed to finally get a game of Battletech in. We played the usual straight up and kill each other scenario, 8k points per side, he was fielding a  medium Free Worlds League lance with uber pilots (by my standards) vs my heavy Marion Hegemony Century (their version of a lance) along with a lone infantry platoon.

Despite the lanes running thru it, we counted the whole thing as a heavy forest. Unfortunately the to-hit modifiers were so bad we did little but just plow through it rather than fight in it as I had hoped when setting up the table.
Well, we tried to shoot thru it, but quickly realized the folly of that...
lol, I called snake eyes and he obliged with his AC20 in point blank range of my rear armor! He was not happy, especially as this was a repeat performance of the same thing earlier in the game vs. the front armor of my Mad Cat!

As usual, my little circus side show was totally ignored despite inflicting minor damage almost continuously...

The game went rather smoothly and was bloody as usual. He ran up the white flag after loosing an apollo and a hunchback. I lost a charger (no surprise there) though both my Cyclops and 'looted Mad Cat' were in really rough shape and about ready to fall back under covering fire from the Stalkers.

All in all it was a fun time, and I'm looking forward to an all Urbanmech (yes, you read that correctly) game vs. Kushial this weekend!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Leviathan Dreadnought WIP 2?

lol, I'm not sure if my earlier post really qualified as a WIP or just a lolz post.

You sure you don't want this to be an Iron Warriors' dreadnought?
All it needs now are hazard stripes!
Now the real work begins...

I finally managed to get to the FLGS for some more black primer, allowing for the initial dry brushed base coat over the entire surface. Its a shame this mini is fully assembled as there are some nooks and crannies beneath the arm/torso areas that will have to remain as is, with nothing more than a simple dry brushing. Especially as I'm loathe to try and pop the arms off as this is a very expensive resin mini.

I did remove its base as that just added to the number of hard-to-reach areas, as such I'll leave that off till the dread all but finished and ready to clear coat.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Fem Fa'Tau would like to suggest moderation on this day of American Gluttony...

Yeah...screw that, now pass the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy-mmMMmm...gravy! Oh and there's pie! Don't forget the pie!!!


A little ways back, I said that I had a plan to revitalize my Beloved Wolfy’s Fem Fa’Tau. It was simple really: Every other painted mini would be a tau mini. And then…Dreadtober hit, and the Tau haven’t been heard from since! Worse yet, I only painted one mini during that time (and then got sick shortly thereafter).

Turns out, I was for once true to my word (well, hobby-wise), and I actually did paint some Tau minis, two in fact. Primarily whilst waiting for the inordinate amount of ink I slathered onto that dread to dry. 

Ya know, they say the camera adds 20 mistakes,
but then you take pics from four different angles...

These two breachers are deceptively difficult to paint, because I’m not inking and dry brushing the hell out of ‘em like I normally do. All the filth and grime that usually coats my minis hides a hellova lot of mistakes, meaning with these I instead have to actually fix said mistakes when painting her Tau rather than just hide them. That said, I do rather like em, as does my Wolfy.

I still need to assemble another three plus their savior drone (or whatever its called) for the squad minimum. Once that’s done, then hopefully we can see how they perform in combat via Kill Team.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Site Quarantined due to a Nurgle infestation!

Yes, this about sums it up...
Yes, the great unclean one and its countless minions not only launched an all out assault on me last week but had all but claimed total victory by Wednesday. The only reason I even had a Thursday post was because it had been written and scheduled earlier in the week. Regardless, anything even remotely hobbyish ground to a halt and has been at a stand still ever since (unless this meager post qualifies?).

Currently the battle for my survival is still raging, but hopefully the forces of good...(or well, at least my side in case 'good' isn't a proper definition) will have wrested back the tide of contagion to make a proper post later this week. No, I won't have worked on anything new, but I do have a little bit back log that needs blogging about.