Monday, February 19, 2018

Leviathan Dreadnought is complete!

In the Emperor's immortal name, I dub thee: The Doom of Neverness!

Whew! This beastie was a lot more work than I thought it'd be! For those of you that don't recall (which is to say most everyone as I've been milking this for quite some time), I painted this for Kushial in exchange for a lance of Battletech Manticore tanks.

The starting point.

The um...base coat? lol, they're all pink on the inside...

A new and much improved base, acquired via ebay.

Ready for battle!

Yeah, I don't even want to know what this thing does....

This can't be much better, plus there are several smaller weapons on the front of the torso as well!

Another close up of the spiritless soul stones being crushed underfoot. Also it seems the grav flux bombard has scorched the purity seal which fluttered a bit too close!

As you can see, its come a long way from when I first came into possession of it, but I'm hoping he likes it. As a bonus, I added two little deployment badges Lion decals to his Contemptor which has served as the 'painting guide' for the leviathan.

In addition to the decals, this got a few minor touch ups as well. 

The new nightmares-in-arms posing side-by-side.

I'll pass this back to Kushial this coming Saturday, meaning all he needs now is to find the 8th ed rules for this monstrosity, as well to hope for some sort of celestial alignment to take place in order for he and Neverness to convene in the same location for this to make it's battlefield debut!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ghar Rebel Commander is complete!


Just a quick post as its Valentine's Day, the Mrs. is on her way home from work, and in the mind of the average wife (luckily mine's not average), today isn't a hobbying day. Not going to test that theory though just in case, lol.

Anyways to the point: I finished my Ghar Battlesuit commander!

Neverness needs to paint his army so I know what colors of debris to decorate my Ghar bases with...

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and...if anything, whilst I may not remember the rules as of right now, I'll at least have a worthy commander to lead my troops into oblivion once I manage to get in a demo game.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Rainy weekends are good for painting...

...that said, you'd think I'd have been smart enough to take pics of my progress before inking the mini. Right?

Actually, no.

The metallic green pincers atop its carapace are from the carcass of a Dire Beetle...or um, something like that. is my Rebel Ghar battlesuit commander, perched precariously amonst the deitrus of my hobby space (due to not being glued to his base). Ooh the base! I can take a pic of that at least!


Oh well, I did ink Kushial's leviathan at least. It took forever to dry, hence my work on the Ghar suit. It doesn't however look too different from before as I didn't go as heavy on the inking as I so often do on my minis. So, no pic as of yet. Its coming along though. The next step for both the ghar suit and the dread is the dry brushing/dirtying up phase which is easily my favorite part of painting minis.

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Leviathan now has decals!!

But there's not much else to report sadly. These aren't from Fighting Piranha Graphics. I got tired of waiting for a response from their art guy and uh yeah, they took this month off too. Thus, these aren't fully custom but work nicely none the less.

Different decals meant a slight alteration to the original color scheme...

I went sparingly as I didn't want to wallpaper this with the same image. The four (one is on the other leg as well) work though.

Hopefully I'll get this inked and dirtied up, hell, possibly even finished (don't hold your breath) for my next post...but we'll see.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The flesh is weak.


I'm really happy with how this mini came out!

A better of the base
I managed to get in a bit of brush time this weekend and finished up my first Blackshield for 30k. Originally intended to be an Iron Hand, I realized that I didn't have any Iron Hands decals. Ah yes, now I remember (from way back when I had an Iron Hands army about 10+ years ago), that as the red-headed stepchild chapter/legion, decals simply don't exist aside from Forgeworld's single offering. 

However I have a few sheets of Fallout Hobbies' 'evil machine cult' decals and they work perfectly! Thus, instead of a conglomeration of Istvaan survivors, I'm going with similar (but different) the Blackshields theme for my army. My Salamanders dreadnought already has some of these decals on it as well, so it'll tie in nicely. As for the three painted Salamander marines that I have, I'll leave them as is. No sense in changing anything given how much else I already have still to paint. 

Additionally, I tweaked the paint on my Techmarine-turned-Forgelord for what seems like the umpteenth time. That, along with the addition of one of the machine cult decals, help to tie him into the army. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Not much paintin' but some buildin' at least...


Rather than (*try to*) paint a horde of 30k Salamaders, get bored, and sell 'em off ala my 30k Alpha Legion army, I decided to mix it up a bit and just do a horde of loyalist Istvaan survivors. WHICH...adds in the option of Maybe I'll add in some black shields who've renounced their colors and are painted as ANGRY MAHREENZ!! in black (again? seriously?).


Once primed black, I just have to paint the eye lenses and call 'em raven guard, and/or iron hands right?

Anyways, I (literally) 're-armed' my flamer tactical support squad with bolters and then added a bunch of battlefield debris to their bases, and that of several others totaling 12 marines. These will (very shortly) be primed black since its warm today, unlike yesterday and the rest of the week. 

Speaking of...

My Ghar rebel commander finally finished doggy-paddling its way across the Atlantic, and I assembled that as well and will also be priming that alongside the marines above. Being a metal/plastic hybrid, its a woefully top-heavy model. Luckily my earlier decision to add a bunch of rocks to my Ghar's bases offsets this somewhat, though I'll still have to be careful when fielding it.

It shall remain in pieces for now for ease of painting.

Monday, January 29, 2018

My wife doesn't play very nice...


This past Saturday, we finally got another game of Kill Team in, our first mini game in what seems like forever. I was fielding my Farsight Enclave Tau with human auxiliaries, My Beloved Wolfy had her Fem Fa'Tau with Kroot auxiliaries, and Bob had his Dark Angels. Neverness was supposed to play as well, but (as it turns out wisely) fled the field of battle in apparent terror before we even deployed.

One of my Fire Warriors in the old, soon-to-be-repainted color scheme and some auxiliaries coming up on a Dark Angel.

And um yeah...she kicked our asses.

The first shot of the game, her crisis suit turned my recently painted Cadre Fireblade (who was serving as a shas'ui) into a smoking crater and it just went down hill from there. With 1st blood out of the way, she then proceeded to kill both of our team leaders, all of our specialists, and break both of our forces as well. Leadership tests were quite hard on Bob despite his ATSKNF rerolls, and...well, Tau and know how that went.

Emerging from that ruin on the right, you can see the Fem Fa'Tau breachers killing all before them despite not getting into 'magic range'.

All told, when Bob and I folded at the top of turn 6 with one model a piece, we didn't even bother with tallying up VPs, as I think they would have come out as Wolfy: all of 'em, and Bob and I: zilch.

Oh well, it was a fun game at least.