Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just some random bits & bobs....

Not too much of excitement this past week from a hobby point of view. Indeed i missed my usual Friday-ish post. I've just done some random stuff with no real coherent plan.

Here's what I got for this post:

Well, my Renegade IG fought 3 games over the past week, all three were capture & control & pitched battle. Game one a cake walk, the other two brutal slug fests. The first was vs. the proxied all to hell ork army that I was screaming about some ways back, but it was being borrowed by a newer player who's learning the ropes. So playing nice, I've learned that not going the 'all my eggs in the nob biker basket' was a good thing for my DLWDG army. Massed Imperial guard firepower backed by just a small 5-man psyker battle squad (or 'cheese on a stick' as I call it) is the perfect way to kill that unit. After losing roughly a third of your points on turn 2, there's really no way to recover. Game 1 = easy win for me. Fun was had by the Ork player though, which is good as i hate murdering the new guy. Game 2 was vs. Nids. My dice were with me, and the bane wolf did its best to show me that the chem cannon is the main gun, not the multi-melta as previously stated, accounting for approximately 12 genestealers! Turn 5 the nids were winning, turn 6 was a draw, turn & I pulled out a victory with one lone 'troops' model on his objective. 80+% casualties on all sides, so a good game! Game 3 vs. Orks again was another with casualties ranging up around the previous one, turn 5 was a tie, each with our objective, turn 6, (the last turn), no one had any objectives! (or troops left on the table) So a tie.

Speaking of Chaos, I picked up some CSMs on ebay cheap. True, in my financial state, i shouldn't be buying stuff, but 12 assembled (and well no less) plus extra bits for $17.50 shipping included. So with that and the other Blood Eagles (my renegade warband) that i already have, I can cobble together about a 1500pt army. I think.

I was going to sell my loyalist IG army to offset my truck expenses, but when i opened the case to take them out to photograph, a thought occurred to me. My first army was IG, I've had at least half a dozen IG armies over the years, but never have I had a fully painted one till this one. Then I closed the case, & put it back. With my Tau all but gone, that puts the Dark hands back on the auction block. The vindicator will fall to chaos, the scouts will swim in some simple green then on to the Aurora Chapter. My predator that I got an honorable mention for @ GD Atlanta a few years back will go into the display case, and the rest to ebay.

Speaking of the Aurora, I finished painting my captain today.

I haven't really thought of a name for him yet, or a back story aside from Papa JJ's rising star suggestion. In the interim, I've dubbed him 'Captain Ermie' after Hollywood's favorite Marine Corp drill instructor. I base coated the last two Bolt pistol/CCW scouts as well. The addition of the soon to be former DH scouts will bring me up to 17 Aurora minis, so a slow start, but still progressing.

So as I said, just a little of this & that.


b.smoove said...

3 games in one week!?! I can only dream.

The Aurora Captain looks great, I particularly like that blade on his left wrist.

Nice one.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks! There was really no other way to easily give him a CCW/Power weapon, looks kinda intimidating too!

Oh come on, as pretty as your stuff is? They need to hit the more than just every now and again! For me, normally in a 7 day period it would be 2 games, Saturday then nothing till the next Saturday. This week though I tentatively have both a 40k & BFG game planned for the week before going to the FLGS this coming Saturday.

Papa JJ said...

I'm sure those genestealers preferred death after getting hit from your bane wolf, I know I would. :) Captain Ermie looks awesome and his power weapon really is a cool addition. I'm looking forward to seeing him with his command squad. Great stuff!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Oh nonsense, bugs are attracted to the smell of poo...

Thanks on the Captain! Again the power sarrissa on the arm was a hold over from when he was intended for the Marines malevolent, but it looked so good i just left it as is.