Monday, May 31, 2010

Blood Eagles - lessons learned & Kill Team

Hello and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Well, I played 2 games this past weekend. The first, on Friday night was a 900pt. BFG game where my Rogue Trader fleet (much to the surprise of both of us) managed to take down an Emperor class battleship! A Dauntless light cruiser was also destroyed and a Gothic badly crippled and all for my only losses of: 2 frigates, 4 armed transports and 1 escort carrier. My Lunar class cruiser was also crippled. A decisive victory!

Revenge was had though as on the following evening, I played the same opponent with my Blood Eagles CSMs vs. his Mech IG. RHINOS! The Blood Eagles NEED rhinos! While I'm not fond of mech IG that doesn't move too far (if at all forward), and then moved BACK!, it is a valid tactic. Of the few of my troops that actually made it to HTH combat, they inflicted roughly 5 times the casualties received. Alas it was not enough. Pickett's charge in power armor, is still in the end, Pickett's charge. So Rhino's need to be added, some more anti-tank weapons would be good too. The havoc's were high on the list of targets, and their weaponry was inadequate to the task. Throw in an immobilized Vindicator & Dreadnought (it should be said that the Dread made a stupid amount of cover saves, i was tempted to bring that terrain piece home!) and it was a recipe for disaster.

So rhinos & bigger guns for chaos!

That would be enough for a post, maybe ad a photo, but my week would simply not be complete, were I not to put aside my current project(s) and start another. This week, its a Kill team. While I don't have the mission book, I've read over the scenario & really like the idea of this one. All models are independent, 200pts, 3 free USRs, after 50% casualties you have to test every round to not flee. Is it just me, or does that sound like the abridged 5th ed 40k version of Necromunda? Not the campaign, just the one-off game?

I was thinking of using Kroot, A Shaper with Furious charge, (2) Krootox', (-toxes? -toxen?) 1 with Slow & Purposeful the other with Relentless, then fill the rest of the points with basic warriors. Basically a free roaming mercenary war band. However my former Tau were of the Farsight enclave, so I don't have any Kroot.

Instead, I think I'll go back to the Necromunda idea & use some of my old Cawdor gangers. These will be used as IG veterans with camo cloaks.

Frateris Militia anyone?

For those who don't know, Frateris Militia was a unit in the old 'Sister of battle' codex. Basically they were a mob (think IG conscript platoon) of fanatical lunatics that were used as cannon fodder & tar pits. The Eccsliarchy isn't permitted to have their own troops aside from the the SoBs, the Frateris is kind of a gray area/bending of the rules. Most high level members of the Eccsliarchy have SoB bodyguard detachments, yet there are simply too many for that to be a reality. I'm sure that many (I'm thinking more of those in the 'middle management' level) have hand picked retinue's of 'retainers & servants' that are picked from the militia for use of their own personal guards/thugs/henchmen/etc.

The Eccsliarchy is often utterly ruthless, and I would think that a 'kill team' of this nature should reflect that. Dark & sinister colors, Many laden with all sorts of equipment beyond just their rifle, (pistols, a bedazzling array of vicious knives, and various tools to allow them entry where ever needed to do 'The Emperor's work'). The two in front are still bearing Necomunda gang paint, but as the other's are not yet done its no matter. The heavy bolter gunner & another will be added to a 60mm base & given relentless, the leader furious charge, and the grenade launcher tank hunter in case any vehicles are in opposition. I'm trying to remove the head off of a Cawdor juve @ the moment, so as to use it on the driver for a sentinel walker. I'm about halfway there on cutting through the torso, then I'll just need to grind off the excess to fit the Sentinel driver's torso.

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