Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inquisition codex PDF updates (and a little nerd rage)

So, I saw on John's Toy Soldiers that GW has released the PDF updates for the inquisition here (you need to be logged in to download). Minimal fluff, no witch hunter adversaries/lost & the damned, etc, kinda bland like the old BA PDF. However the Ordo Malleus has NO MENTION of allies OR inducted units! While the Ordo Hereticus ONLY has inducted units, and cannot be taken as allies!

So much for my oddball Inquisitors & their accompanying circus side show units! I'll probably be able to do something with the Ordo Hereticus, but the Malleus is effectively dead to me (barring maybe a kill team). I really don't have enough Witch Hunters to field as a stand alone army (and no Murl, I don't want your SoB's) unless its a bare bones setup with a hellova lot of IG or SM inductees to make it battle worthy.

Currently Ranger Smith and his little contingent of the Imperial Forestry Service is in shock, fearful that they've been rendered obsolete!

Personally, as quiet as GW has slid this one out, I'm inclined to ignore it & use my codexes that I spent $20+ EACH for! Rendering a codex obsolete with a new one years later, no problem. Doing it with a PDF...WTF???


sonsoftaurus said...

I didn't see anywhere that this incomplete scan invalidated anything in print. Keep on truckin' for the time being.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Yeah that's what I think I'll do until they actually release a book. I rarely play tournaments anyways, and my gaming group is used to my use on Inquisitors, so shouldn't hurt.

I mean, I kinda understand why they're doing away with allies & such. From what I've heard people have been ruthlessly exploiting mystics vs. deep strike, usually those entrenched in the mathammer/metagame/WAAC mindset. Whereas my inquisitorial allies are usually (though not always) an oddball/amusement over effectiveness unit.

I guess the PDFs are intended for those that want to start GKs & SoBs between now & the forthcoming codexes, but it doesn't bode well for me, as I can already see the direction in which they're going. And my initial impression was the standard issue nerd rage, so I figured I'd just go & get it out of the way (that & still no batteries for the camera, so no posts with pics this week).