Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking stock of what's left.

Howdy folks!

Well as I've stated aways back, I was selling the majority of my Dark Hands Space Marine army (barring a few select models) to try and recoup some unexpected truck repairs. Well, so much for that idea. Unpainted, primed, no problem, it sold easily. Whereas as painted? No one wants it. I'm not going to practically give away well painted models, virtually all of which are sporting Forgeworld stuff. I guess that's the price to pay for playing an obscure chapter. Dark Hands are an official, GW canon chapter, but apparently the need to let some minis swim in some simple green for a few days devalues them (considerably i.e.: to less than half retail price which were my starting bid prices).

So to hell with it, I'm keeping what's left! After taking stock of the ebay survivors here's what I have:

Lysander (last man standing, he's in charge)

(5) termies with assault cannon & 2 chainfists
(1) Venerable Dreadnought with multi-melta (oddly, this mini usually pays for itself in spades as a standard dread, and dies in turn 2 when a venerable)

Need a wider sheet of paper to hide the foil in my light box.

(20) AoBR tac Marines (actually i only had 10 left, but picked up a squad cheap on ebay to make the army usable)

Fast attack:
zilch (didn't have much to begin with)

Heavy Support:
(1) Predator destructor (got an honorable mention in a golden demon with this some years back, it was NOT on the auction block as a result)
(1) Landraider Crusader (the only model my Mom ever bought for gaming, 40k is not a popular hobby with the family, so it kinda has sentimental value, also was not for sale)
(1) Forgeworld Vindicator (this was going to fall to Chaos with my Blood Eagles, not any more i guess)

The lone tac marine is the only one that's painted, though another half dozen or so are base coated. Aside from the tac marines & landraider though, i now basically have a fully painted army that rolls in around the 1500pt mark, which is about half of the points in Dark Hands i had when I started selling.

There's still a lot of other random bits & bobs around here, i suppose I'll clean that stuff out to sell instead.

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