Monday, July 12, 2010

2250pts of Imperial Guard, and its ALL painted!!!


Well, as of last night, the last few infantry models were painted & flocked in the army that I'll be taking to the forthcoming 40k Meltdown Tourney in Knoxville. To reach the 2250 total, I had to add a contingent of my Renegades, so a consistent theme has already fallen casualty. All I've left to do is double check my army list/math.

Here are the group shots, split left to right(my attempt to get all of them in one photo rendered the minis unidentifiable).

The last photo is of the renegade contingent (obviously).

I also have a few close ups of my characters:

This is my Commanding officer, Major Blunder & his personal chef Sgt. Pepper. The Sgt. acts as a 'bodyguard'. In truth he more gets in the way than throwing himself into the line of fire. The WS4 and A2 in the bodyguard stat line can be justified when you consider just how savagely a Ratling will defend his cook pot. (technically he confers the 'feel no pain' USR rather than the medic, as if you've survived his chili...(that should also render the squad immune to 'get's hot', but alas, there are no weapons in the squad that would qualify for that.

My Regimental Standard wielded by the servitor who often 'swings the standard as if he were a Samurai Warrior!'

Here is 'The Venerable Commissar Borg' as was detailed in my character creation post a few weeks back.

While not as flashy as the newer commissar minis, but having been around since 2nd ed., he still qualifies as a Lord Commissar in my book.

In other news, I played a 'learning' game of heavy Gear vs. Murl from the 13th Cadian last Friday night. We didn't play a full game (set up & turn 1 taking about an hour each), but we sorta had if figured out by the time we called it quits. The game has potential.

Also I played a meltdown practice game using the above army vs. Happyspawn (who sometimes posts on here). He was playing his mech guard, and...well the dice were with me and very much against him. He raised the white flag on turn three. :-)

I can only hope I roll so well in the tourney!

(a last minute addendum) Here's the fluff for my loyalist IG that I came up with a few years back:

110th Ryza Pioneers (Menial Battalion)

Following behind the famed Skitarri Legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus, are the reviled Menial Battalions. Lacking the efficiency of even the lowly Servitor, Menials (completely unaugmented humans) are at the lowest level in Mechanicus society; their military equivalent is considered to be no better. The Menials are led by failed or disgraced officers of the Skitarri and newly minted Techpriests who push the Menials to the limit of physical endurance. While armed and equipped to the same standard as a ‘regular’ Imperial Guard regiment, the Menials are used as little more than a labor corps, and treated as cannon fodder in open warfare. Clearing the battlefield of debris, digging trenches, building fortifications, recycling the dead, bringing forward supplies and the occasional mopping up of enemy stragglers are the primary tasks assigned to Menials. Hardly ever is there a foe who can out maneuver or (impossibly) break through the Omissiah’s Blessed God Engines and Skitarri regiments at the front line. However when they do, it is up to the Menials to tie them up until better-trained and equipped units can regroup and eliminate them. It is not unknown in these situations for the Menials to actually carry the day, however credit for their sacrifices and combat prowess is rarely if ever acknowledged.


sonsoftaurus said...

Good luck at the event!

Just think of the Renegades as leading the way - the rest of the force (at least, the survivors) will see the light soon enough. ;-)

Major Blunder is a great IG name.

Love the lascannon teams, will need to dig through and find more pics of those...

Da Masta Cheef said...

Many thanks as always sir! (and congrats as well, I think I saw that you won a contest on one of the other blogs)

I was thinking of putting something along the lines of 'Sir, there's something wrong with those militia guys' along the top of my army list.

As for the lascannons, you can scroll through my album on photobucket, or go else look under February in my blog archive for the post on the finished squad. I recently purchased 2 more bastion lascannons, to start a 2nd. lascannon squad. I still need a third, as well as bases & crews.

sonsoftaurus said...

"I think the Commissar needs glasses."

"YOU tell him!"

(thanks, I did dig through the earlier posts and found them, very nice!)

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, when there's that many guardsmen on the table, he's not too picky about which one he shoots in the head! Since with his failing eyesight, anyone who waves their hand in the air looks enough like a Sgt. to take the shot...

sonsoftaurus said...

"Yes sir Commissar Magoo!"

Just noticed the "playbook". Nice.

b.smoove said...

Agreed. The Commissar's playbook is pure comedy gold. Love it.

Great to see a force this large put together so well. Nice one.

Papa JJ said...

All the command guys you featured are really cool, it's great how personalized you were able to make that element of your army. Good to see the Commissar, I had been curious about him since that previous post. And congratulations on getting the army ready in time!

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks guys!