Monday, July 19, 2010

Podunk Sentinel


Well, as expected, now that my sentinel is finished few if any of that needless interior sculpting that I felt the need to paint is really visible. True, I knew that in advance, but just figured it worth restating. And with THAT out of the way, here it is:

I had intended to use this with my 'Frateris Militia' kill team that I have partially finished, however I couldn't trim the Cawdor Juve head down enough to look right. Looked more or less like a bad case of Elephantitis. I had a single Pig Iron militia head left, so I used that instead. If you go back into my archive, my second post has my fluff for my conscript platoon, the '144th Podunk'. Originally I had them equipped with Technicals for vehicular support, but that would require the use of VDR, meaning they would rarely get used. Conversely, the Elysian dune buggies would probably fit the bill, however I don't currently have the funds for either the model or the equally expensive book to go with it. So they got a sentinel.

Commissar Naxos (the 144th's CO) & 2 finished Podunks

I'm sure when the order came to muster for war, the Departmento Munitorum (already appalled at their inadequate training/weapons) discarded their Technicals & issued them a sentinel instead. Given the Podunk's 'mob' mentality, I'll probably deploy the sentinel near to them, treating it more or less as a squad heavy weapon. I'll probably use it at BS 2 as well (considering how often my renegade sentinel FAILS to hit its targets, the lower BS will in all likelihood not be noticed).

Pig Iron makes Sgt. models for these guys, but their arms are way to long (gorilla-like long) so it really limits them to conscripts. I was thinking of maybe using some Steel Legion sgt.'s & officers for them though. Already having 20 guys, adding 2 sergeants & a sentinel would make for a nice penal legion kill team. Effective and completely disposable!

Aside from that, tourney prep continues. I've made a few minor tweaks to my list and am currently 1/1 in my practice games with another tentatively scheduled for tomorrow night. Its this coming Saturday, and I must say that its sooooo nice not to be in the crunch-time 'I gotta paint how many by Friday???' mode. Paint isn't required, but it'll add a few points towards 'best over all'.


CounterFett said...

Nice work, the model looks terrific, and I like the thought you are putting into the backstory!

Da Masta Cheef said...


b.smoove said...

Great colors, and great use of the Pig Iron minis. They really look the part -much better, in fact, than standard IG models. hmmmmm.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Thanks again! They're a shade smaller than regular guardsmen (stunted growth perhaps), the main limitation is the Sgt. models, although I think the Steel Legion or even DKK minis would work to compensate. They may upgrade to a regular platoon at some point, but for now they're just conscripts.