Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last minute tourney prep, and a Medusa

Evenin' folks,

Well, tomorrow after work I'll head out towards Knoxville for Saturday's 40k meltdown tourney. My friends that are going have spent this week frantically assembling, converting, anxiously waiting for ebay purchases to arrive in the mail, painting, revising lists in case the ebay purchases don't arrive, and in general wearing themselves out. What have I been doing? Notta damn thing, and I must say, it felt great! :-D

I've done the last minute crunch in previous years, but luckily my Imperial guard army was less than 10 minis short of a fully painted 2250 pt. force when I heard of the tourney a few months back. Actually, I did do one thing. I printed off the INAT FAQ 4.0 for reference. I have a loose leaf binder with the clear plastic sleeves in it which contained the Gorka Morka rules, no idea when i printed that off, and there isn't a shred of getting anyone to play so I pulled those out & replaced them with the INAT.

Aside from that I did some assembly line style painting of some Podunks and started trimming the flash from this:

A Forgeworld Medusa.

No its not mine. A friend of mine bought this a little ways back, and when he received it it was quote: 'warped all to hell and back.' He's never worked with Forgeworld stuff, and was afraid of breaking the parts correcting the warps. So I took it under the condition that I wouldn't start it till my stuff was ready for the tourney (which i had forgotten about till last night). So I've trimmed the gates/flash from a few pieces and cut my thumb tip in typical gamer fashion. Doesn't hurt, just annoying. A few parts are mismolded & I think should be replaced, however he's going to give me the chimera hull that it fits into to see if they fit first, as if it fits fine, the mismolded sections will never be seen. The hull hasn't been touched yet though as he is in the frantic prepping group I mentioned above (indeed virtually all of that could apply to him alone).

In any case, tomorrow evening & (EARLY) Saturday morning, the tri-cities Tennessee gaming menagerie will descend on Knoxville for gaming. Some are going tomorrow night, will stay @ the venue (its in a hotel's banquet/conference room) and leave afterwards, others will drive over that morning, play all day, and drive home. Soooo...I would suggest avoiding I-81 & I-26 between Knoxville & Johnson City Saturday night as it'll be sprinkled with zombie-gamers.

I'm going to Grandma's for dinner after work tomorrow, I'll leave my dog there for the weekend (which will make their dog happy) and then drive to my Sister's in Knoxville (she conveniently lives about 15 mins. from the tourney location). So I'll only have a 15minute drive after the tourney. Usually my sister and I go out for brunch on Sundays when I'm in Knoxville before heading back to grandma's in time for dinner (you just can't beat Ma's cooking!). So sorta turning my 'geek' weekend into a 'family' weekend as well.

Beyond that, the Chattanooga Classic tourney in October has just been announced, so I'm considering that, but that's a few months off and beyond the scope of this post.

Have a good weekend! (I'm bringing my camera, so hopefully I'll have some good pics for my next post)


Murl said...

yeah, that'll be a long day indeed...we should hit P.F. Changs afterwards tho..:D..

sonsoftaurus said...

Good luck! Give 'em hell!

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ taurus: Thanks & will do!

@ Murl: I mentioned PF to Kate. Maybe her & Eric can meet us @ the hotel afterward & then just convoy over rather than worry about directions as we'll all be more or less brain fried by that point in the day.

Papa JJ said...

Best of luck to at tournament Masta Cheef! And to you as well, Murl.