Monday, January 24, 2011

Exodite Dragon Knight


Well, as you can see I painted up the Dragon knight test model yesterday, and I think it came out pretty well. These will work as my 'counts as' Wraithguard. I really like the detail that GW put on the cold one models. I haven't had a cold one since my first Dark Elf army from so many years ago (and they were metal back then). This really just screamed for a wash, and two layers of Ogyrn Flesh really did the trick.

Of course like the actual Wraithguard models, these cost a fortune as the DE blaster bits are in high demand currently, which means that they cost a fortune (the rest of the needed bits are rather reasonable). As such this will probably be my only Dragon Knight for a while as the battery in my truck died this morning (happy Monday!). I live close enough to work, that my boss was able to come & give me a jump, but even then it died a few times enroute, and I coasted across the parking lot this morning. Yeah, its really dead (no warning either, it was just fine last night). Hopefully I can get someone in maintenance to charge it enough to get me across town to buy another this afternoon. Unfortunately though, that'll mean no new toys this week (and probably the next, if not the next few). :-(
After painting the museum's dinosaur brown for the past 7-8 months, when I got one of my own, I painted it brown too.


Mordian7th said...

Very nice! I always like seeing people's take on the Exodites, and using the cold one rider as a proxy wraithguard is a nice touch. Keep up the great work!

Da Masta Cheef said...


sonsoftaurus said...

I like it. Wraithguard is an interesting option; you usually see riders done up as bikers or something.

Maybe try shredders instead of blasters, should be able to get those much cheaper and they still look cool.

Screech said...

I was a little skeptic on how they would turn out, but now that I see images they're looking pretty good.

So, I know its not official yet, but, since you're starting Eldar, when do I get to start using the "would you like some cheese with your whine" line? :D

Da Masta Cheef said...

@ SoT: I never liked them as Jet bikes because they can't fly, hence my use of the High Elf Griffin mini for a jet bike.

I've looked at the shredder, and am not ruling it out (perhaps a mix of the two?) but visually, the blaster looks closest to the Wraithcannon that I can see. Anyway I try to price this squad out, it seems they'll be joining the Renegade Lascannon Squads in the 'ungodly high price' category.

@Screech: Thanks, and believe me, when these guys finally hit the table, and start to fail like every other Eldar army that I've ever fielded did, there will be more than enough 'whine' than you'll ever want to hear! (and a desperate search for that cheese too I would imagine)

Screech said...

You can always do any unholy alliance and add some Space Wolves for cheese. :)

Da Masta Cheef said...

Do you not recall my railing against having necrons & Gray Knights in the same list a few posts ago?