Monday, January 31, 2011

So much for 'The Dying Race'


Locally we've only had two Eldar Armies over the past few years, and collectively they've only made spartan appearances. One army was sold to a new owner, and it shows up a bit more frequently. Recently I started my little Exodite army, and while that has yet to acquire the numbers for a table top appearance, the guys know that they're coming (eventually). On top of that one of the newer players in the group got his financial aid check from ETSU and (naturally) used a portion of it to buy the Eldar codex along with a battle force box. So it would seem that the space elves are on the come back!

Speaking of my Exodites, as you can see below I've managed that rare feat in the mini-wargaming world of actually painting everything I have for an army before buying anything else. Feels kinda wrong really...

Left to Right: Newly painted Warlock; Group shot (everything I have thus far); The 'Doom bug' marker for a not yet purchased Farseer


Loquacious said...

I didn't think you were allowed to do that! I disbelieve!

I love the metallic blue-ish color. Very nice.

Da Masta Cheef said...

lol, it is a sacrilege in most circles... New minis are on the way though!

And thanks! Its a pretty easy to paint, and the devlan mud helps to give them a dark & dirty look (yet another sacrilege as its Eldar).